WordPress 5.1 “Betty” is Released! Have You Updated It Yet?

WordPress 5.0 Bebo was released two months back, and now WordPress 5.1 is already in the market. WordPress 5.1 has some significant progress to showcase with so many updates that one would like. It is named Betty as an honor of an acclaimed jazz vocalist Betty Carter.

The WordPress developers are trying to bring the best features for their users. Even Betty has many new functions in its sack, seeing which a WordPress Development Company can fall literally in deep love with these functionalities. Here is a sneak peek into the WordPress 5.1 Betty features.

Site Health Check Project

This project can be considered as the next big thing in WordPress 5.1 Betty upgrade. This latest version will encourage the users to conduct a health check on their WordPress site from time to time. You will be doing a regular test of WordPress as well as the underlying technologies of the site will also be checked from time to time.

This feature will help in building a positive habit for WordPress users. This health checking project has split into three parts which comprise of the changes to the core of WordPress, the support to the site health check community and the site health check Plugin.

With this site health check feature, your WordPress site is safe, and nothing could go wrong about it. The feature will help you in debugging process and keep the code clean. For example, if your website is displaying a white screen of the death error situation, you have to remove the bad or wrong code by using an SFTP client. This task isn’t an easy thing for WordPress users.

But with WordPress 5.1, this issue can be resolved by the predictions. The update will be able to predict such errors and will take measures before it wrecks the site. You will be able to access the Dashboard and resolve the issue much more straightforwardly.

Improved Performance for Editors

After the release of WordPress 5.0 Bebo, so many buzzes (both positive and negative) popped up. The new default editor has some unsorted bugs and issues which were a real problem for the developers. To resolve this difficulty the new WordPress 5.1 version included substantial performance improvements within the editor. The latest advances included in the editor will help you to get started quickly and delivers a smooth typing experience.

WordPress 5.1 is including some of the performance improvements from Gutenberg 4.8. Faster initialization of the pages, optimization of the various background processes and improved typing performance are some of the latest features in WordPress 5.1.

Update Alerts

Whenever your PHP needs an update, the WordPress 5.1 will send you an alert. This way you will be able to keep the PHP up to date all the time without any hassle. The minimum PHP will hit hard to 5.6 by April and based on the feedback received it will be bumped to 7.0 again in December.

New Database Table

The latest WordPress 5.1 has a new database table where you can store all the Metadata related to your articles. This feature provides storage of multisite or network context. If you want to get this new database table, you have to update your system first.

Comment Filtration

The comments made on any particular website get filtered with the help of this comment filtration feature. The Spamming comments identified are removed. Thus, WordPress takes severe precautions to tackle these kinds of nasty comments.

Features for Developers

WordPress has also provided some of the exciting features for backend WordPress Development.

  • The Cron API is updated with some of the latest functions to assist the returning data. This update includes the usage of new filters for modifying the cron storage. Some other changes are also made to affect the cron spawning on servers that are running on PHP-FPM and FastCGI versions.
  • New JavaScript Build Option – A new JavaScript build option has added following the comprehensive reorganization of code.
  • A new “doing it wrong” alert will pop up when you are registering.
  • Enhanced taxonomy Meta box sanitization.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the critical improvements that are present in the latest update of WordPress-WordPress 5.1. These improvements have aided both developers and users a lot. They will gain some great benefits from this most recent update. WordPress developers are trying to bring constant updates with some great features for their users.


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Meshur Ahir

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