Why You Should Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is still strong and will never cease to exist as it is one of the best ways in which to find targeted traffic that will visit your website. The problem is in most cases that the new entrepreneur may not know exactly how to go about building their list and creating the entire website in the best possible way to turn their visitors into customers.

The first things you should learn are the basic requirements of your website in order to get you going in the right direction.


An autoresponder ( I use Aweber)  is the best way in which to send out mass emails to those that have joined your website to receive your newsletter or other correspondence. You should be able to find a high-quality autoresponder that will allow you to create the list of individuals that have opted to receive your information via email. Some autoresponders will allow you to choose which receptions will receive which message and you can automate the entire process so the emails will be sent on a schedule.

Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be a difficult task but is very important. You should choose a domain name that is as close to your idea of your company or business as possible. There are many different websites offering domain names such as GoDaddy. The best domain names are of course .com as they have more clout than others.


You can choose a variety of different website builders online or hire a professional design company to create the exact look and feel you desire. The website should be easy to navigate and should not be overwhelming for your customers. Too many photos or long worded texts are often reasons many leave and look for your products elsewhere. And also don’t ignore SEO while designing and developing your website. Read this guideline before starting the design process.

Squeeze Page

A Squeeze page is nothing more than the first page your visitors see when they arrive on your website. You should have as much information as possible on this page and be straight to the point. Use the proper wording so your visitors realize they must get their hands on your product immediately. On the squeeze page, you should have a small form that allows your visitors to sign up for your newsletter so you can start building your list.

Thank you Page

Always thank your customers for purchasing. You should have a very nice and pleasing page that thanks them for their purchase right after they pay for the product. At the bottom of this page, you should have a link to the page where they can download the product they purchased.

Building your List

Internet gurus know the ins and outs of building their list and have been very successful with such things as adswapping, clickbanking, paid traffic, and solo ads.


This is a relatively new marketing scheme in which you find partners that will place one of your ads in their newsletter or squeeze page while you place one of their ads in theirs. This is great way to find new clients as they will click the link in the newsletter and once on your website, opt to receive your newsletter.


This is an awesome way to get new visitors but it will be work on your part. You will need to find a guru that has a long list he or she emails. You agree to send him or her a specific amount of clicks say in a month. Once he has received all the clicks you agreed to provide, he or she will then send that amount of clicks back to your website.

Paid Traffic

This is often seen with programs such as Google Adwords. You will join the program and pay a certain amount each time your link is clicked and you receive a visitor to your website.

Buying Solo Ads

Solo ads are a popular form of paid advertising that online marketers used in their email marketing. They are called solo ads because in this kind of delivery, they are not sent together with other advertising campaigns. Hence the name “solo ads”.

In essence, when someone purchases a solo ad from a seller he is paying him to have his email sent out to the seller’s full list of subscribers. So ultimately when the solo ad is completed in no more than seven days, he would have received an agreed number of “clicks”. Hopefully these clicks have translated into opt-ins thereby adding new subscribers into the buyer’s own list.

soumo das

Soumo Das is a content marketer and he is currently working as an intern in 3Leaps, a digital branding and content marketing agency.

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