What a CRM System Does Not Do For You?

Quite often we are misled into believing that the answer to all problems can be solved with the help of a CRM system. A CRM system is useful in many ways but it can never be the answer to all your queries. A good CRM system that is properly implemented goes a long way in helping you serve customers and build relationships over time, however a system is only as good as the individual using it. Unless you have figured out exactly what your customers are looking for and how and when do they want it, it can be one of those system that eats more of your money instead of giving joy to you and your customers.

One example that is pretty common nowadays is that of online marketing. CRM system tracks your social media activity basis which it gives you future recommendations. However, some of the systems are not humanly managed and properly implemented but will keep sending you the same advertisement or promotion for days without understanding if it is exactly what you required or curiously went about checking.  We think there are some things that should not be left to a CRM system as it is either incapable of doing it or will probably require a manual intervention at some point or the other.

Manage Revenue

Your CRM system is a tool that is used to manage the drivers that will generate revenue but in itself it is not a tool that will generate revenue for you. You can track your customer records and follow up on potential customers or can also do a rethink on your strategy based on data collected but will eventually have to call up the customer or reach out to them via mail or post to generate revenues. A CRM system in itself will not manage your revenue, however if it is properly implemented and regularly monitored it can definitely give you the drivers to increase and manage revenues for your organization.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

While a CRM system was made to give a happy customer experience but often it is misunderstood as a tool to keep on increasing customer experience over time. It is one those metrics that cannot be tracked. A CRM system will make reports for you, store data for you to understand the needs of your customers but it will never be the tool that it will in itself increase customer satisfaction. A good CRM system will give you all the tools required for you to gain customers, increase sales or give a customer better experience but in itself it will rely on you to make the calls. In other words, it can be said that it is your remote to help you navigate through but it is in your hand to make that decision for your organization

Manage Your Market Share

Executives would love the idea of a CRM software managing the market share and giving you a correct picture of where you stand in terms of market capitalization but unfortunately a CRM system will not do this for you. A system will provide you with data and metrics that give you a gist of where you stand, however depending upon your products, your competitors and other external factors you will have to arrive at the conclusion of what is your market share and how best to manage it. It will not cover all geographical territory and will give you data basis the filters you have kept which typically means that you cannot expect a CRM system to manage your market share. With the help of customers calls, leads converted and deals closed it becomes relatively easier to figure out where your organization stands in terms of market capitalization. It also gives you a definite idea on your future course of action as preferences in different locations can be completely different and hence the challenges your organization may face can be completely new.

Increase Customer Retention

You will definitely improve customer relationship with the proper implementation of a CRM system but it will not improve customer retention on its own. Time to time customers will have issues that a CRM system may not be able to answer or a customer may want to move out to try something new. In scenarios like these, the system will provide you with call and email details of previous conversations and give you reminders to follow up with customers on how best to improve their experience, however you will need to call up the customer on your own and reach out to them in a timely manner to better understand their needs, create a personal bond and give the human touch in order to retain customers. One thing that should never be underestimated is the importance of creating a personal relationship. Irrespective of how far machine learning and artificial intelligence can do a job for you, it will never replace humans completely. As a matter of fact, no system can. While everybody wants quick and easy solution but they want to be heard and empathize with, which unfortunately a system can never do in entirety.

Reach Your Target

In an ideal world, executives would love to have a system in place that can help them achieve their target, but in truth a CRM system will never hit the numbers for you. As disappointing as it may seem but a CRM will not hit the mark for you. Therefore, expecting a system to give you the numbers you are looking for is not a great idea. However, a small business CRM can help you with records and data and assist you in arriving at different metrics like sales target, market capitalization, making more calls or identifying target areas to increase territory coverage.

It can’t Replace Your Sales Department
CRM Systems are amazing and there is no two ways about it. A good CRM system can help you automate a number of tasks like sending repetitive emails to people, assigning tasks to different departments, allowing easy access to vital statistics but that does not mean that you can replace your entire Sales Team with a CRM application. It does not work that way. Your business will always need human touches to close a deal. Your customers will never feel comfortable to deal with a company which is solely powered by AI. You need human sales representative too so that customers don’t hesitate while making the final buying decision. In short, replacing your sales team with a CRM system is the worst idea ever.

A successful business has a number of teams from PR to Sales to Marketing and when all of them are on the same page, they combine to hit the target your organization is looking for. A CRM system may well be of use to each department and can provide insights to all or most of them, however it will never be the single identifier of your short and long-term goals. Your system cannot measure weekly, monthly or quarterly goals but it can measure different metrics like time taken by your team to convert a lead or close a deal and give you a brief gist of where you are in terms of your timeline for your targets to be achieved.

At this point you might feel that a free CRM has a lot of limitation but instead the one thing that you should think of is how CRM system is improving all the interrelated tasks and making it easier for you to arrive at different conclusions. It is pretty easy to say that it is a handicapped system but so is every system. At some point all of them needs manual intervention in some capacity and all have to be continuously upgraded to meet rising customer demands.

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