Understanding Welding With TIG or Gas Filler Rods

TIG comes from Tungsten Inert Gas. TIG welding is a process where the welders use a tungsten electrode so that the metal can receive heat and fuse and get welded easily.

The gas present in this process is used as a shield around the weld which offers protection the weld pool from the atmospheric impurities to eliminate the requirements of any flux.

There is the basic difference between arc welding and TIG welding. Unlike the arc welding, in TIG welding process a standard coated welding road is not used. Instead of coated welding roads, different types of gases are used to create that required shield.

The Kemppi Welders generally use a machine in which you can find a torch that holds a short tungsten rod and that torch is designed to emit gas to develop the shield around the weld puddle and protect it from the atmosphere which may contaminate the weld.

The Difference Between MIG And TIG Weld

Both TIG and MIG welds are a form of arc welding. In both these processes concentrated the heat of an electric arc is utilized to join two or more metals with each other. Either direct or alternating current is used in these processes depending on the types of metals and the types of electrode used in the technique.

  • MIG welding is faster than TIG Welding.
  • In TIG welding process one must require more skill to perform the task seamlessly than MIG process.
  • In the process of TIG, the welders use Tungsten to carry the arc, which demands a lot of experience and knowledge of welding. On the other hand, MIG welding users can carry out this task of welding without much experience. It can be done by the novices as well.
  • The basic difference between MIG and TIG welding lies in the process of adding the filler metal to the main metal to produce the weld.

 Some Important Tips

  • Know the process of TIG welding well enough before you start the job.
  • Keep the torch angle to maximum 10 degrees.
  • The electrode diameter should be the ideal distance between the top to puddle.

How To Make The Job EasierTig Gas Filler Rods

To make the job easier, you should always consider hiring the professional welding workers instead of doing it on your own. Though many people add the welding jobs in their DIY or Do It Yourself list, the fact is it involves skill, knowledge and patience. Hence, you should trust the experienced professionals to ensure the safety and accuracy of the task. Look for the company near you that can provide you with high-end welding services as per your requirements. There can be companies that do welding with Tig/Gas Filler Rods for commercial, residential as well as industrial areas. Hire them for welding jobs done with care and perfection.

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