Top Video Animation Tips You Might Have Never Heard Of

Animation is known as the most challenging skills to be pro at. It can require years to practice and achieve the skillset in animation.

In this article, we are about to unfold the list of best animation tips that you might have overlooked or never heard of. In addition, these tips stand apart from others because they have been opted by the industry experts.

Try Over and Over Again Until It Succeeds

Planning plays a key role in the video animation. As suggested by the Aaron Blaise, Animator at Disney, you should have an element of unplanned drawing. However, this in no manner means you should step into a project with no clear idea in your mind. Storyboards are often utilized by a large number of video animators, serving as a visual aid and a timeline for various animations.

In addition, Aaron suggests that when an animator has an idea about an animation outline, he/she should keep drawing until it becomes perfect. An animator should sketch animations until they start becoming a part of him/her. There will come a point when an animator will witness the drawing becoming free flowing and the animations will erupt to life.

Animators should Begin Working Remotely

The famous animator and motion designer, Paul Clements has stated that his output is doubled when he works from a remote location. The reason lies on the constant interruptions in an office environment. Though Paul’s tip can be considered as a personal perspective, but we believe, working from remote location contributes a lot in motivating the animator. In essence, animators want to be inspired, and they want to work in an environment that’s encouraging, stimulating, and creative at the same time.

Animators who work in a dull office and are bothered by the surrounding interruptions can face lowered productivity. The key to be innovative and creative in animation is to come up with a working environment that’s comfortable and pleasing. In case, you are working in an office, we suggest you to look for a desk that keeps your mind away from the distractions, bouncing off the distracting ideas.

The Better You Listen the Better You’re Judged

The Veteran animator at Walt Disney and Head of animations in the film Frozen, Lino DiSalvo has stated that feedback is an essential information.

You might have a wide array of skillset in animation along with a focused attention to detail, but without gathering the feedback from the concerned people, your animation might never get the deserved attention. Since, animators are encouraged to be creative and go beyond the ideation boundaries, it is essential to follow a piece of advice for better ideas.

Grab the Audience’s Attention Immediately

Scott Wright, the video animator at the DreamWorks animation, is a skilled professional with more than fifteen years of industry experience. While his tenure at the DreamWorks, he became a part of the team working on the movies Over the Hedge, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon. According to the Scott Wright, the moment you’re creating an animation, you should think about grabbing the audience’s attention immediately.

Among the biggest challenges faced by an animator or artist stands acquiring audience’s attention in the first go. Do you know the initial seconds in an animation are the crucial ones? Though they might not be as relevant for the prolonged movies, however, in the short videos, the first few seconds decides that the audience will either stay or leave.

Accept Constructive Criticism

The senior mentor on various mainstream sites, Dana Boadway-Masson has stated that constructive criticism should never offend you. Feedback can be of various types because different people hold different experiences and knowledge. All the video animators working at the leading Video Animation Companies have ability to accept constructive criticism open heartedly, utilizing it to improve their skillset effectively.

On top, you should not be offended by any feedback. Many times, individual taste and preferences of an individual can influence their feedback greatly. Moreover, you should never be disheartened if you are not receiving any of the positive feedback. The constructive criticism provides an animator with an opportunity to look into various things that could be improved. It could bring in positivity within your work.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the top video animation tips that many of us wouldn’t have heard of. According to expert animators, one of the most commonly dealt issues is over animation in various scenarios. Animation doesn’t mean revolving around the same thing repeatedly. Many young animators think that the more animations they include in scene, the better it would be. However, as an effective animator you should never make this mistake.

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