Top Tools for Android App Developers

There are about more than 4 billion smartphone users worldwide, and the number keeps on increasing every day. The analysis reveals the significance of smartphones in our daily lives. Interestingly, Android accounts for the major portion of this figure for overall smartphones’ users. Considering the massive users’ base of Android OS, businesses have started building android apps to reach the extended audience using Android phones.

Besides, iOS stands as the leading platform after the Android OS. However, Android has shown to be prevalent in delivering exclusive features and functionalities. The number of Android app downloads alone in 2018 on Google PlayStore has exceeded 3.8 million, making Android OS the dominant app store, leaving behind the Apple AppStore with 2 million apps.

Why Choose Android as the Suitable App Development Platform?

Both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS differed due to various factors. These factors include users’ demographic, costing, trends, and the individual features for both the platforms. The reason Android apps work seamless is that more devices support Android OS than iOS. Also, as a mobile app developer, you can learn about the most common debunking myths about the Android development. However, this does not mean Android is easy to learn for everyone.

As understanding concepts can differ from person to person, every developer learns Android differently. In this article, we have revealed the best tools for Android development that you can use as an Android developer:

Android Studio

Android Studio is said to be the most rapid app building tool. By not exaggerating the platform, we highlight the Android Studio IDE that is utilized by the majority of the Android app development projects worldwide. The reason lies on the fact that Android Studio makes use  features belonging to basic, mid, and advanced levels.

As the most used programming tool, Android Studio offers best users’ support and features, allowing you to include a large number of features in an app. Android developers can overlay different layouts, creating a UI featuring a Layout Editor. Considering the fact that Android Studio supports C++ and Java, a developer can code a desired app, building APK files that allow analyzation of code contents.

As a matter of fact, many developers who build app through Android Studio are promoted on different platforms including social media networks. And promotion through explainer animation services in Australia has proven to be one of the most effective way for promotion. If you are building an android app, then an explainer video will help you promote it in the best way.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is another great app development platform for Android. The development platform supports various app development platforms. Many programmers use Unity 3 for game development. The platform serves best for developing 2D games, but is also used for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) apps due exclusive game development features.

A developer can create games even various IDEs including the Android Studio, however, Unity 3D provides a developer with exclusive game development environment due to which it becomes feasible for the developers to build a game and add a lot of helpful functionalities into it.


Eclipse stand as one of the oldest Android app development platform. The platform was widely popular before Android Studio came into the bigger picture. A large number of developers have replaced the Eclipse with Android Studio for building remarkable smartphone apps that work as cross-platform applications. The platform supports languages including Java, offering a development kit for Android. Eclipse emerged before the Android Studio, and is now considered as outdated. However, Eclipse can help fresh developers as a useful practicing tool.


The B4A or Basic for Android is a development platform that offers rapid application development. The platform enables the Android developers to build apps through using the BASIC development language; the B4A is one of the tools that focus on programming languages, which are simple and easy to use. BASIC may be easy to understand, however, Java offers a broad spectrum of tool and development libraries, B4A enables a user to practice similar programming approaches as Java offered.

However, it is not free to use. The platform offers various distinct and exclusive features including a visual editor along with the most simple development platform for native mobile applications. The platform might not be free to use, however, if you want to move fast in the app development journey, then B4A is the most suitable option.

Final Words

Various tools have shown up in the modern day era of Android app development. However, we have listed only the most popular ones. But, most of the development tools require the basic toolkits for development of Android applications. Since, every developer prefers distinct tool, a developer should begin with understanding the individual requirements of an app they are building.

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