Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be on Pinterest

When you want to grow your business, you must focus on social media engagement. Are you thinking about why you choose social media for your business progress? If you have worked on your Facebook, that means you have already initiated your part. Now, it is time to make a strong presence in a hub of images, GIFs, and videos that is Pinterest. reveals that active users of Pinterest have increased from 2016 to 2019. According to their findings, Pinterest had 65 million active users in 2016 in the U.S. and now, it holds 85 million whereas globally it has increased from 63 to 215 active users. This data reflects that your business will get great exposure if it has its identity on this social website. We know this platform is based on the collection of images. You can organize your pinboards using pins of uploaded, shared, and saved images to increase your social networking. If anyone wants to boost their business, they need to focus on pinning and start some business marketing on Pinterest.

  1. Boost your brand marketing

When you choose Pinterest, you can create a personal profile using your business logo and picture. This will help you to uplift your business reach by expanding your customer reach. In this platform, you can upload many pictures of your brand to describe your business objectives and mission. You can direct your public to your website and other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you have different products and services, you can categorize accordingly to provide better and easy navigation to users.

  1. Propel more traffic to your website

Pinterest has a hover button that helps users to transfer their audience to their website. For more traffic, you have to pin images directly from your website. The good thing about Pinterest that you don’t need to worry about the use of this platform as it has a guided editor who helps you to communicate through different pages.

Using better and related images, you can enhance the reach of your business and get more traffic to your website. Eyeglass retailer Warbly Parker has revealed that Pinterest is responsible for 11% of its social traffic and Twitter for 18%. Blogger Kate Bryan has discussed that she didn’t get much business after blogging her profession of jewelry making and hairstyling but she received healthy business through Pinterest. She connected with 14,000 new customers within 5 months after pinning her work.

  1. Receive higher user engagement

It’s fact the visual impression is stronger than any other form of interaction. According to research data, users find Pinterest simple to search for their content and easy to share their stuff. This platform attracts more users because of its visual attraction. Indeed, it is quite easy to scan plenty of images than hundreds of tweets.

  1. Get more inbound links through pinning

A senior social media head at a reputed assignment help company suggested sharing content and linking back to the original source grows business reach. Pinterest sounds a great platform for business growth because every pin consists of a link that allows the user to connect with the source of the image. That’s what we called inbound links. To enlighten the depth of this context, John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, says that the use of images for building links is one of the best links you can have when we talk about actual engagement.

There is about 95% of the pictures on this social networking platform is either pinned or re-pinned from the websites.The growing popularity of this platform provides you worthy inbound links. These links are no-follow but any link that transfers the audience back to your website is always useful.

  1. Understand your visitors’ liking and interest

Social networking Pinterest is a good place to learn about trends. In this platform, you will find what people like to share irrespective of categories. You can get good insights to see what things inspire your users and their reactions over your services. This platform also provides relevant information about your business products and services for better market planning.

  1. Get market updates for a better business approach

Using Pinterest as an important tool for your business progress, you will get an overview of what is happening in the market and what attracts your customers. When your images are pinned and shared by the audience, you will understand the users’ requirements and interests. Thus, you can get business updates through this platform. For good business growth, examine and analysis customer’s reactions and their requirements to get proper market research.

  1. Free marketing by users

Pinterest works on the followers’ activity and images’ sharing to increase brand popularity like other platforms Facebook and Instagram. If you pin creative and interesting images, you will receive more sharing of your images. People share what they find appealing and want to discuss with others. By sharing other images, you are helping to make great business marketing through Pinterest. If you don’t have enough money for content marketing, then Pinterest is the best platform to boost your business. You need to write the right description and require to use the quality pictures for pinning.

  1. Enhanced post-exposure 

Users get exposure of three and a half of months if they pin their images at Pinterest as per WebpageFX report. This exposure is 1,600 times than a Facebook post. The good thing is that you don’t need to repeat your pins again and again to achieve this exposure. This social network makes your search easy for your products not only on your page but also on other pages.

  1. Refined and greater connections for more disclosure 

The important thing for success in social media channels is connectivity. The more shares of your posts or images you will get, the better the chances of your business promotion you will receive. Pinterest allows users to connect their Facebook accounts by pinning their posts or images. This means you will get more eyes from other platforms to access your pictures, you post to Pinterest.

  1. Increase your product sales

If you have any product or service and you want to increase your reach, you need to expand your social network so that people could know about your business. For this, you require to get the attention of more people. Sharing your images (via Pinterest) that reflect your products or services helps you to expand your business. Use quality and relevant images to increase your product sales.

Author Bio: Kaylee Brown is a professional content creator and has good experience in social media management. Currently, she works for Greaassignmenthelp & Edumagnate as a social media marketing head

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