Top 10 Android Apps to Speed up your Cell Phone

Android is one of a popular operating system that can be found all over the world and Android users are rapidly increasing day by day and in today’s time every person is using internet on their smart-phones. Even small kids know that which smart-phone they should go for. Android apps are vital and necessary for android set, as they not only make android set work properly but also boost the speed of it.  Everybody loves the speed when it comes on using and operating their android handset. Phone lagging is one of a common problem and issue that occurs to the most of android users. There are some low budget android set available and having only 1GB of RAM and is not enough for handling several tasks.

No matters whether you are an ios user or an android user, you must optimize your smart-phone for a better performance. Whenever we purchase a new smart-phone set, it works better at beginning i.e. 5 to 6 months but after that it starts to lag and hang up’s and these issues were really irritating. But you no need to get worried about these issues as there are several helpful Apps available that can boost the speed and making your smart-phone work properly and rapidly. By using these helpful apps you can notice a visible change in the working performance of your smart-phones.

Here are a few android apps to boost the phone’s speed:-

  1. Free Internet Speed Booster : – It is one of a great tool to boost the speed in your Android set and also for those who are experiencing a slow internet speed with Wi-Fi of mobile networks. This app can increase the speed of your android set by 40 to 80%, whereas using this great tool will not only boost functions to increase the speed but also clean the DNS cache and improves latency. 
  1. Android Assistant :-There is nothing better than having an assistant with you and your Smartphone all the times and which helps to keep your handset in a tip-top shape. It offers huge variety of utilities and tools that will boost your smart-phone, whereas the app allows you to monitor the phone status, also clean and manage your device, so that you can enjoy speed boosting of your handset in just a one click. 
  1. Faster Internet 2X :- Are you still stuck and feel irritated with your old 4G, 2G and 3G speeds, Then it’s a time to come-up and race ahead with this faster internet app. Using this app will increase the internet speed in your handset up-to 2 times more than its normal speed. This app use special scripts to boost the internet speed and also improves the signal reception, whereas this app works well with both non-rooted and rooted phones but will be best if used on rooted phones. 
  1. Speedify :- It is one of a great app for fast working internet and using this app will make your internet more reliable & work more rapidly. It allows you to easily merge your cellular and the Wi-Fi connections for an excess bandwidth and will also keep you online when the Wi-Fi stops working. Speedify will smoothly switched to cellular if your phone is stuck to poor Wi-Fi connections, whereas it works behind the scenes for optimizing the connectivity of your apps and for everything that you do online.
  1. Internet Booster :- It is an excellent app for increasing the internet speed on your smart-phone, whereas this app takes very less time to boost the phone speed. Using this app will be helpful for those who are having high-speed data plans but can’t be able to use it, whereas this app will clear the browser cache, DNS cache and several other activities on your phone and works well with both non-rooted and rooted devices. 
  1. Greenify : – It is one of a great app that can be used on smart-phones, as it allows you to saves the battery from draining by stopping the apps and making your battery runs as long as possible just by controlling the behavior of an app. Greenify puts an app in hibernation state, un-able to access the system resources, and also allows you to run the app typically in foreground when called by user in a clear and detailed manner. Once you installed it and set it up then you can open it anytime to view what’s running in the background and any other potentials that drains battery. However using this app will make your smart-phone work fast just like the first day when you start using it. 
  1.  Network Signal Speed Booster :-  It is one of a great app to improve and increase an internet speed on your android set. As this app will increase the browsing speed and making the downloading speed work faster, so that you can download the things and videos in a less instant of time. Installing this helpful app will make your internet work rapidly and will find the best 3G network around you and activate it. The best advantage of using this app is that it searches the fastest & strongest network tower around you and get connected with it. 
  1. Internet Speed Master :- It is a great tool to improve the internet connection and will also modify the system files for improving the connection in TCP/IP configuration. Since it is safe to use and using this app will provide you good result and you can notice an increase on internet speed. This app work well on rooted devices and it is better to take back-ups of your device before installing the app, whereas the app supports all the ROMs. 
  1. Super Phone cleaner :- This app is a great optimizing tool along with space cleaner and will also keep your phone safe and clean. As this app will allows you to remove junk files, protect phone from viruses, deeply scan & cleans the phone memory for more storage, so that you can increase your phone performance. Hence using this app will effectively optimize your device by freeing up the space, whereas this app is a professional phone cleaner that also includes CPU cooler, memory cleaner, phone booster and battery saver. This app also detect virus and will increase the speed of your phone so that you can enjoy and use it for a longer period of times. 
  1. Clean Master App :- It is all-in-one android app that includes cleaning, optimizing and maintenance tools at single place. It is one of a great tool that helps you to clean the cache, unused files, search history, residual files and also uninstalling of apps.  It is an excellent android app that allows you to clear the phone memory for more storage and increasing the storage capacity. Whereas it remove the junk files, improves the battery life and will lower down the memory usage in RAM and hence increases the speed & making the phone work faster. It works well not only with android and smart-phones but also with tablets.clean-master-app

Are you irritated with slow internet speed of your android set? Sometimes the internet speed is much slower than data plans, which is absolutely unacceptable. To keep your android set work faster and properly, you must install some good 3rd-party utility software that must be able to remove unnecessary files, clear the cache, RAM and cookies; whereas doing these easy things will not only increases your android speeds but also allows you to use your android to some greater extent.

Everyone wants that their android set would provide maximum and rapid performance without getting stopped and hang-ups. Many people deals with slow internet connections which is really very frustrating while watching an online videos. Adopting and using these apps will effectively improve the speed of your android handset, so use these apps and make your phone working much better.


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