Tips to Create A Marketing Video Which Will Help Your Business Grow

Marketing is the key aspect of any business organization, especially for startups and small businesses. There is a huge competition in the market which makes it necessary to deliver to the right message to the target audience for an increase in the revenue. Companies hire the best marketers for this purpose, but even the best ideas fail at times due to poor execution.

One such challenging yet highly effective tactic is Video Marketing. Video Marketing helps in capturing the attention of potential customers and sends across the right message about the product or service. Well, in this digital era, what can be the most influential way to attract consumers? Ofcourse they are attracted to videos, GIFs, and clips — they are quick, fun and so relatable. While all this sounds exciting, getting hundreds and millions of views on the visual content takes real hard work. As discussed earlier, it is necessary to execute your idea in the best way to attract the right target audience and deliver the desired message to them. Since video marketing is used to communicate your company’s unique selling proposition in a more engaging way, there are certain factors to keep in mind while producing and promoting it:

1) Engaging Content

A gig, a daily routine scenario or an emotional act; whatever the video is, it should communicate the benefits of the product or service to create brand awareness. The video should also encourage people to share the video which leads to more views, hence, more awareness. According to a publication by Forbes focusing on small businesses, “An incredible 64% of online video viewers make a purchase after watching the branded videos on social media—something that is surely going to boost revenue if you can get enough viewers.”

Being a startup in India, it is necessary to add value to the lives of the people as we are a developing nation. Therefore, make sure your video content displays how your product or service can make the consumer’s life better and easy. This does not only improve your number of sales but also build your brand’s goodwill in the market among the customers.

2) High Quality

Today’s industry is full of talented freelancers whether it be a video editor or a cameraman. You can also hire university students as interns and pitch them your project and align them with your vision. Another great and most trending way to ensure quality is to include stock videos in your project. Stock footage sites sell HD and 4K resolution which will automatically upgrade the quality of your video. Your video will have the look of professionalism and the footage will definitely help you make an impact on the audience.

This will also allow you to save money and be more creative. If your videographer lacks the skills to get your desired shot, you know stock video sites is the answer. If your target audience is the Indian market, it might be difficult to find Royalty Free Stock Footage with Indian models. However, stock video sites like Knot9 are constantly working towards developing new content for Indian Stock Footage every minute and delivering them at affordable prices and free of royalty. To know more visit:

3) Right Techniques

The video is created and edited, totally ready to publish. But wait, you cannot take a sigh of relief just yet! Here is the crucial part of video marketing— using the right techniques of promotion. Well, one of the most influential techniques to use is to post on social media; which other place can be better for networking and influencing your target audience? A professional Facebook and Twitter video campaign and you’re good to go. Spread the word about your product or service and witness the power of social media in today’s digital era.

Other techniques which you can use are to add a ‘share’ button, ‘learn more’ button or create a landing page. Let’s say you have an e-commerce website where you sell beautiful stock footage and videos, add such elements or links to your campaign that it directs people to your official website. Also, don’t forget to pin the video at the top of your social media page so that anyone who visits your page, doesn’t miss the video.


Whether you’re selling a new technologically advance product or offering a life-enhancing service, it is utmost important that you explore ways to reach out to your target audience and tell them your story for strong business growth. With good content, high-quality production and the right techniques, your video will leave a big impact on the audience and up your game in the market. If you are a startup, do not worry about the budget and look at the long-term benefits this production will bring to your table. Remember, investment leads to profit and quality leads to success.

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