Tips That Will Help Speed the Sales Cycle Over the Finish Line

Many companies have got caught up with the marketing part that they forgot the most important thing and that is closing the deal. Engaging the customer can make the journey a successful one, but companies must also remember the type of engagement given to the customer must both speed up and increase the chances of the customer making a purchase.

Companies are trying different ways of making the transaction between the marketing phase and sales process as easy as possible. True, there is no sure-fire way of doing this, but there are tips that companies can follow

Tips to smoothen the transaction and speed up the sales cycle

  • Quotes should be both prompt and error-free

When companies prepare a quote, they have to consider factors. These include getting information from as many sources as possible, determine what quantity should be given for what price along with numerous other details. The process can be dreadfully slow if done manually. Companies can speed up this process by automating it. This can be done using the sales CRM.

  • Know who has the authority to make decisions

Companies must understand who the decision maker is and how they think. In many cases the person coming to gather information about a company from its representative is not the decision maker. When this happens the representative must think like the decision maker so that they can customize the sales pitch.

  • Companies should evaluate the leads the get

For companies getting leads itself is a big task, but that does not mean that should not evaluate them. The process of evaluating will help companies identify leads that have both serious interest as well as the need for the products and services. The lead should also have the authority to both make decisions and allocate funds. Companies must give the highest preference to such leads.

  • Do proper follow-ups

Many companies lose opportunities due to the fact that their representatives do show proper initiative and are very poor in planning. Many of these representatives stop with sending an offer to their customers. This is the possibly the worst mistake they can do. In fact according to studies companies get many proposals and cannot spend time going through all of them before they make a decision. That means they will go through the one that does follow up. If a competitor’s representative does a follow up, they will consider the proposal given by them.

  • When successful remember the steps taken

Companies must analyze what they did not only when they lose the deal, but also when they close a deal. Because companies might take the same steps and end up losing the deal. Thus, it is important to identify the steps that made the client move forward in the company’s sales funnel.


  • Do everything at the right time


Companies must make decisions and take actions based on what they face at the moment. It does not matter which stage of the sales process the client is in. What is important is that the decision or action is taken is an effective one. These companies should be thinking of the customer they are dealing at the time and if nothing else. That includes another customer. However, this does not mean they should make random decisions. It means that the amount of attention given to taking the decision should be high.


  • Show things and not just describe them in words


The problem with many companies is that they tend to describe their products in words. This does not serve much purpose as the customer has to process the description and form the image in their minds. But when the company sends an image, the customer can easily understand. And if they like what is shown to them, the chances of them deciding to buy is quite high.


  • When talking about prices, be clear from the beginning


The worst thing that a person purchasing a product or service is to be told that they pay more than what was initially told. Companies and customers are the same. Whenever a company is sending a quote, they should mention all the costs in the beginning. This will make the company look more transparent and that gives the customer more reasons to trust the company. Not only that, the chances of the customers objecting to pricing mechanism are much later is reduced.


  • Make the customer feel an urgency to buy


Whenever companies are making an offer to their customer, they should attach a deadline. Along with the deadline companies must offer something to the customer. It can be either a free gift or a discount. Remember by doing this companies are not rushing their customers, but rather providing them with the extra reason they need to feel that the company product or service is the right for them. Also, they will feel that the right time to make the decision is now.

Parting  words

Companies should focus on the most important thing that is closing the deal. They should not be sidetracked by the things that happen in the marketing part. Companies that have become sidetracked by the things happening in the market part have rarely been able to close the deals they should have.

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