Tips for Making a Push Notification Strategy for Apps

Push notification plays a paramount role in engaging users provided you use it smartly. Although it can increase the engagement of users with your app by 75%, it is highly likely to turn your users against the app with push notification. It is crucial that you deliberately decide it.

It is believed that most of the users, find push notification annoying, but it provides the most value to the users provided you craft a good push notification strategy. Before you know how you can create it, you need to understand the importance of doing it.

A study has found that fewer than 25% of the users return to the app a day after they download it. This trend continues to decline, but it can be reversed with a smart push notification strategy.

It allows you to interact with your users when they are not running the app. As the notification pops up, it drives users back to the app, increasing the traffic. People will explore it and be habitual of using the app.

Further, push notification to simplify the journey of users. For instance, a customer put an item in the cart but forgot to check out. You can send a push notification to remind the customer to complete the purchase. Here is how you should create a push notification strategy for apps:

Identify the problem

Now that you have come to know the benefits of using push notification. The next step is to make a plan for the push notification. First off, you should identify the reason for using it. You must have a goal or a purpose for creating this strategy. Otherwise, it will go off-base.

If you are noticing that our users are not taking actions or they are not spending much time on your app, you should use push notification. It can help them enhance their experience.

Understand the needs of your users

To make an effective push notification strategy, you should understand the needs of users. You should know what is essential to them. Where your users are coming from and what obstacles can come in the way.

Knowing about your users is the most crucial step to develop a push notification strategy. You will need to go through the three steps: mindset, receptivity and needs.

• Knowing the mindset of the user is one of the significant challenges to overcome while designing a push notification.
• You will have to analyze circumstances when users are more receptive to push notifications.
• Your purpose should be to serve them value. There is no use of this strategy if it fails to fulfill its needs.

Choose the type of messages

Most of the notifications fall into three categories: informative, geolocated, and check-in. Informative notifications can be announcements, reminders, alerts and anything in between. Such messages aim to inform users about new products, apps, features and any other update.

Geolocated messages revolve around the location of users. Such messages aim to inform users what is new based on the geographic benchmarks, for instance, discounts at a nearby store.

Check-in messages aim to interact with your users. They engage them with your brand. In short, they help you build the relationship between your brand and users.

Make the most of your push messages by providing value to your users. The more personalized messages you send, the more engaged users will stay with your app. Make the messages rich and captivating with images, gifs, and the like.

Set a schedule

One of the most important questions to brainstorm is when users should get push notifications. You need to research and analyze data to understand the best time to send information to your users. The best time to send messages is when the majority of your users are active. It can be any time of the day – morning or evening.

If you want that your message is reaching most of your users, you should schedule the time based on their behavior. Do not forget that you have a global audience. Make sure that you send notifications based on the users’ time zone. If you fail to do so, your efforts will go in vain.

If you want your users to keep using your app, you need to understand your needs. Unless you know what they want, your push notification strategy will not help you at all. Competition is very high. Your users are likely to ditch you and use any other similar apps. This possibility generally arises when you fail to enhance user experience. Try to find out ways how you can perform better than your competitors.

You will need an expert to make a push notification strategy. It can be a bit expensive, but it will help you in the long run. If you do not have enough money, you can take out loans on benefits with direct lenders. Make sure that you borrow money from a reputed direct lender in the UK like AOne Credit.

Author Bio: To make an effective push notification strategy, you should identify the problems, understand what your users want, set a schedule and decide the type of messages.

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