The Newest Trends in Digital Marketing That Will Define The Market in 2018

Digital marketing is in its adolescent years. In 2018, we will see many trends rising that experts had not predicted back in 2017. The new trends should help you plan your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming months. Here are a few trends you need to know to keep your marketing strategy up to date:

The fall of Twitteratis

The fall of Twitteratis

Twitter was the leading marketing medium of 2017. In the latter part of the year, we also saw the rise of Instagram and Facebook as prominent marketing tools. Right now, the winds are changing, and it looks like LinkedIn has found itself in the updraft. Twitter has failed to make much of an impact by increasing its character count, and there was little improvement in its ad front. LinkedIn has picked up the pace, and it is presiding over the B2B and B2C marketing platforms of the current year. Currently, Instagram is the leading marketing tool thanks to its incredible Instagram Stories feature and fantastic hashtag options.

Social media influence marketing is growing stronger

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With the dawn of a new year, social media influence marketing has gained a new impetus. More and more prominent companies are reaching out to social celebrities for publicizing their products, services, and brands. As per the reports from an expert at Leads Junction , about 84% of the brands with an online presence have reached out to at least once influencer in 2017. These are mostly clothing, beauty and lifestyle brands that can generate up to $6.50 per $1 they invest in micro-influencer marketing. Even the big fish like Amazon is catching up with influencer marketing this year.

New advertising that bypasses ad-blockers

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Yes, advertisements popping up while watching a YouTube video or while reading a blog is annoying for the user and potential buyer. However, that is the only way most brands communicate digitally with their customers. Over 44 million people used ad-blocker tools in the 2016 and Google is about to introduce a Chrome Tool that can mute auto-playing videos online! Pop-up ads and embedded ads seem like distractions to the majority of the users, but platforms like Facebook, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube have come up with embedded advertisement features to overcome the ad-block deluge that is halting the revenue of the advertising companies. However, the smart advertising platforms are working on newer ways to disable ad-blockers.

AI and consumer behavioral marketing will walk hand in hand

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been the subject of significant talk back in 2017, and 2018 will be no different. Except, more brands will include various aspects of AI in their marketing schema to learn about their customer behavior. It will contribute to prediction analysis. Controlled distribution of resources towards aspects of marketing and production that intrigue the shopper will save money and help the companies to rake in more revenue.


This year is going to be a glorious one for the new-age digital marketers who are always ready for a change. The brilliant new tools and revamped platforms will add a new life to digital marketing that was ebbing in the last quarter.

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