The Basic SEO Checklist for Upcoming 2019

Search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly competitive with the passing of days. These days, you’ve to be more than pro-active to ensure a higher SERP ranking for your website. An SEO expert in London says, every page on your website should better be optimised to secure a ranking higher up the ladder. There are lots of ways to optimise your pages and make your site more prominent across the web.

A well-known SEO expert in London discusses some basic tips in the following paragraphs to help you boost your site’s SEO ranking.

  • Use shorter URLs: Do you know your visitors as well as the majority of the Internet users prefer shorter and readable URLs? Thus, search engines too prefer the same. It is important to sum up what a page is about in the URL.
  • Title tag optimisation: Usually, website owners overlook the title tag without knowing that it is a crucial part of a website. Use the <h1> tag to make the title appear bolder. Use keywords in the title tag and remeber, it is better to use the keyword at the beginning of it.
  • Go for responsive web design: The number of mobile web users is fast swelling. In this scenario, you must have a responsive website to make sure both mobile and desktop users can access it with equal ease. Moreover,  experts from a topnotch SEO agency in London suggest your website can also be penalised by the search engines if it’s not mobile responsive.
  • Improve site-loading: As compared to the past, there are innumerable websites existing today. Thus, it is utmost crucial to boost the speed of your website. Your visitors won’t spare more than a few seconds on your site. If you can’t satisfy their query within that time frame, they’ll dump your site and go to your competitor’s site in no time.
  • Include social media buttons: Adding social media to your pages ensure they are easily shareable. Include buttons for the most popular social media sites to make sure your site is more user-friendly.
  • Make use of multimedia: Your website content should better not be just words and texts. Rather, include multimedia content to captivate your visitors. You can also include variation in the type of content for different grades of visitors.
  • Keywords for images: Images on your website must be saved with a proper file name and an alt+text. Include relevant keywords in these names to help search engine understand what the image is about and what is its relevancy.

DubSEO is a reputed SEO agency in UK. Experts working here are of the opinion the tips discussed above are good enough to start with. So follow these tips and drive your site higher up the SERP page.


Sanjiv Barnwal is responsible for improving companies organic search result on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other big search engines. Sanjiv creates and launches SEO, PPC, and Facebook campaigns. Sanjiv also identifies areas of improvement and optimizes website content to improve the DubSEO website ranking on the major search engines. He is a writer who loves to write articles and blogs on different topics. Some of his great work includes – how to write SEO blogs, how to do SEO marketing in London, why online marketing is gaining immense popularity and much more.

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