The 20 Most Important Tactics of Inbound Marketing

Do you know what Inbound Marketing is?  It is a methodology that coordinates all marketing strategies in order to increase the traffic that reaches a website and convert it into a greater number of leads or user actions. Here we present you the 20 most important inbound marketing tactics, although there are many more. Serve this post as a checklist of things you should do if you haven’t already done so:

Captures of user emails

A good Inbound Marketing strategy involves getting a good subscriber database and then segmenting it and carrying out different actions aimed at increasing user traffic to the web and higher sales.

  1. Subscription form

It is important that you start capturing emails from minute zero to create your own database. The most frequent is to add a form “Subscribe to our newsletter” in which the user adds his name and email address, although there are many more ways to capture emails.

  1. Offer Free Content

Some include on their website the download of ebooks and other types of content, freely available to the user, in exchange for their prior registration.

  1. Company Club

It is a strategy that e-commerce often uses under the title “join our club” in exchange for receiving a series of benefits that other users do not have.

  1. Registration on the web

It is about allowing the user to have their own space where they can see, for example, the status of their purchase, their purchase history, etc. This will improve their experience and provide you with useful information for your database.

  1. Capture emails on other media

You can also capture emails for your database through contests you conduct on your social networks or in collaboration with other companies. Like if you provide interior design services then you should write about the same on your blog to capture emails.

Analyze your audience

In Inbound Marketing it is very important to know well the types of audiences you have, study their behavior and communicate differently with each of them.

  1. Segmented Database

Your database must have different groups, depending on the source or their different interests. Since each type of public will have to offer a different communication.

  1. Analyze the behavior of the public

Thanks to Google Analytics and other tools such as Hubspot, Marketo or Eloqua, you can know if a user enters your website for the first time if they have entered more times, what page they have left, how far they have gone in their purchase process … You have to have all this information controlled and then make decisions.

  1. Retargeting

Retargeting is a technique used to attract potential consumers who did not become a lead or sale at the time. The intention is to target those website visitors who leave the page without having made any purchase or action.

Capture more traffic

There is a lot written about this, here we summarize the main tactics:

  1. Creation of a blog

With a well-structured blog and an editorial calendar that includes the content of interest to your audience, you will get more visits to your website.

  1. Newsletter creation

For this public to reread the blog, it is important that you periodically send a newsletter with a selection of your best content published on the blog. 

  1. Social Networks

The dissemination of these contents in the networks is essential so that they reach more people and get more customers.

  1. Online Advertising

It is likely that at the beginning the number of followers on social networks was not very high. It raises the possibility of adding advertising both on social networks and Google Adwords or other advertising platforms and/or media agencies.

  1. SEO

SEO is a long-term tactic that allows you to position your website in search engines. It is worth investing in since visits from searches that come from search engines are often useful traffic. In other words, the people who land on your website are possibly “interested” in the products or services you offer.

  1. Video-marketing

Videos are the support of the future. More and more users will prefer to consume video over text. It’s already happening! so maybe your strategy also has to be directed there.

  1. Podcasts

In addition to videos, a format that is becoming fashionable again is the ‘podcast’ or audio file, which is posted on digital kiosks and is listened to by thousands of people.

Improve Conversion

It is useless to make yourself known on your blog or social networks if, in the end, you do not get conversions, that is, those objectives that you have set yourself: requests for information, subscriptions, reservations, online sales, recommendations, etc. For this it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

  1. Design of your website

It is important that your website has your objectives well defined. Please do not put all items on the homepage. Simplify and make the steps that a user has to follow towards purchasing as brief and simple as possible.

Call to Actions

The “call to action” is called to action, be they buttons, banners, titles with links, that direct user to the section you want.

  1. Analysis of your website traffic

How many users land on the homepage and leave without doing more? How many get to register? How many get to make a reservation or a purchase? How many clicked on contact? All these parameters must be controlled so that, if you do not have enough conversions, make the necessary changes and improvements.

  1. Digital media monitoring

How many users came to your website from social networks? How many clicked on your posts? How do they interact with the brand?

Find the recommendation

One of the keys to Inbound Marketing is that in the long run, the user is the one who chooses your products and services and goes to your website to look for information. If the user is satisfied, he will also recommend you among his contacts.

  1. Ask for recommendation

It establishes an automated system that generates the request for an opinion and/or recommendation of the purchase to the user.

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Digvijay Rajddan is Marketing Manager at Design By Lavassa and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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