SEO – The Great Opportunity to Start As a Career

In this article, I am going to show a way to earn money to those who are really interested. A new stream has been evolved that has created a path for new jobs. I am talking about taking SEO as a career.

Before SEO was not considered as a separate profession, the webmaster that designs and develops a site has the slight knowledge of it which he used to implement. But then time changed my friends and there was a fierce completion in the field of the online market. And that aroused to demand to optimize the site for the search engines. Thus this created a path for new industry specially dedicated to SEO.

Today if you have a look at most of the freelancing site, there is a different SEO section having the list of all the SEO jobs. Now SEO is a task that can be performed part-time or can be considered as full time. If you are a working professional working for a company and have a decent knowledge of SEO, you can take up small SEO tasks, complete it and get paid. I am myself a working professional and make some side income by being a part-time SEO professional. But if you are confident enough in your knowledge of SEO, you can work as full time too and can even start a SEO company. You are sure to find enough work from the market around you.

Taking the case of today’s web world and the basis of my personal experience, the businessman who wants to enter into the web business is always looking for a company who can design a website, develop it as well optimize it for the search engines. And he is more than happy to pay for SEO work separately. He wants his site to be ahead of the competition and listed well in the search engines.

So if you feel that SEO work is not that technical and you are downgrading yourself then you are absolutely wrong my friend. Check the virtual world around you, surf for the SEO jobs and the openings and I am sure that you would be surprised knowing the amount that the co.’s are willing to pay to optimize their site and rank them higher in the search engines. Thus, from my point of view, this is really a lucrative filed to move into, and you can sure earn extra bucks working part-time on SEO jobs.

But all that glitters is not gold. Let me explain you the dark side of it also. There are certain cons that are associated with choosing SEO as the career:

  1. The search engines keep on changing their algorithms to rank the site frequently. So if you are managing a site that is on page 1 today, tomorrow it may drop 100 items down. And the problem is you need to pass on this news to the clients and surely he won’t be satisfied with you.
  2. There are no fixed rules in this SEO games. They keep on changing. What may work for you today won’t support you tomorrow. So you must keep yourself updated about it.
  3. SEO requires constant efforts. If you are successful in ranking a site high for a particular keyword then you must be consistent in your efforts. Changes are there that you lose the ranking next day itself and you have a screaming client with you.
  4. Also, you need to be aware of the black hat SEO techniques. Many good and ethical SEO practitioners suffer due to it.
  5. SEO is not as easy as building Rome in a day. You require months of efforts to rank. You must have patience as it is not an overnight play. So if you stop your efforts for time being you can lose your ranking a lot.

Thus this is what all I wanted to say. Now making you face to face with the pros and cons of SEO, I hope that this information will surely help you to make the accurate decision for selecting SEO as the career. Rest all I leave on to the readers. Their valuable inputs and comments are most welcome.

And also keep coming back to have access to more fruitful and important information regarding SEO.

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