Reasons Other Than Google Penalties That Can Cause Organic Traffic Decline

In today’s fast-paced world of the internet, everybody is trying to maintain the ranking of their website on Google. But the trouble begins when people notice a sudden decrease in their rankings. If you are also trying to find the causes of decreased rate in the organic traffic of your website then read this post to find the answers.

Most of the time people wonder “why they are not getting enough organic traffic on their website?” There could be many reasons behind the dropped rate of organic traffic on your website. Generally, people blame Google penalties for this and they start navigating good digital marketing agencies to deal with this problem.

As we all know, the algorithms of search engine optimization undergo many changes every day. It is true that maintaining and improving your website’s organic traffic according to the updations of search engine optimization is a challenging task. We would further discuss every possible reason other than the Google penalties and algorithm changes that could be responsible for the decreased rate of organic traffic on your website.

The Causes that Lead to the Fall of Organic Traffic on the Websites

Domain authority

The impact of domain authorityon website is very influential. It is the main factor that defines the position of your website ranking in the search engines. It evaluates the overall strength of the website using multiple factors like link rooting domains, domain authority score, and total links. It is always beneficial to increase root linking domains and authority of the legitimate site. The domain authority (DA) is the vital link that can give you a rigid and strong presence for organic marketing.

New Content

People love reading new and fresh content on the website. If you want to capture the attention of your potential customers, then you must keep them updated about your new business. You must keep your focus on constantly delivering fresh content to engage your readers. If you have noticed sudden changes in the traffic of your website, then you must detect the quality of the content of your website. You must have seen that Google also give preference to the website that has qualitative content. The content is the most popular and trending niche that brings significant traffic to your website. Therefore, you should always make sure that your content is crafted according to the below-mentioned elements:

  • Always write useful and informative information for your readers.
  • The content of your website should be more engaging and impressive than other websites.
  • Do not add unnecessary information; keep it specific and straight-to-the-point.
  • You must avoid using duplicate content copied from the other websites. The plagiarized content always results in huge troubles.
  • The content should be properly organized.
  • You can also add images, videos, infographics, etc. to make your content more effective. These things make long lasting impressions on the mind of readers.

Ignoring Broken Links

Your website might have numerous broken links and 404-errors. These can make a negative impact on the traffic of your website. The users often avoid using website that leads them to the dead pages. These dead pages also result in undertaking your website to Google penalties. Therefore, you must focus on fixing these broken links.

Mobile version of the website

Ensuring that the mobile version of the website is working properly is another thing that can help you detect the cause of decreased traffic. As we have seen that there is a gradual increase in the number of smartphone users in today’s world. Therefore, it is important to make a responsive version of the website for mobiles and smartphones. Broken mobile version and links impact the ranking of your website negatively.

Lagging and Slow load-time

You must evaluate the loading time of your website. It must load within three to four seconds. If your website takes longer than this time limit, then it is an alarming situation. This is an indication that your website is lagging. The online users always give preference to the website that has fast loading time. They would prefer to use your competitor’s website. The users might find many options for them, but it would definitely make a negative impact on your websites. It would also pressurize Google to penalize your website. So, if your website fails to load properly, then it can be the cause of a decreased rate of traffic.

High Bounce Rate

The high bounce rate could be another reason that affects the metrics that make a huge contribution to the loss of significant traffic. As we have discussed in the previous point that slow loading website would decrease the number of visitors on your website. Similarly, the bounce rate is also determined by the loading time of the website. If you are thinking, “how to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversion on your website” then Qdexi technology is the company that can provide the most effective solutions for all your problems.

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