Quit Drinking Sodas in 5 Minutes


Dag Can’t Have Nothing… ATP Has Taken Away My Favorite Drink!

I just recently came across a few articles that I thought was informative and I’m now writing about the first one. ATP caught my attention because, to put it mildly, 

(1) I do indulge in an occasional (or more often) soft drink and 
(2) I’m on a weight loss dietary change journey. (5 more pounds to lose)..With the help of Zumba.
However, this article will assist us “all” in putting a halt to our soft drink consumption,especially since the additives that are found in our soft drinks have been reported to deplete us of energy .
1. What is ATP?
ATP is a super important molecule, which provides liver cells and other body cells energy for cellular processes. Most importantly it provides the energy for our metabolism.
2. What is fructose?
Fructose is a type of sugar that’s been manufactured to replace sugar…but according to nutritionists it’s worse than sugar.
3. What is NAFLD ?
Consuming high levels of fructose puts you at risk for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) along with fatty inflammation and scarring.
Let the truth be told; that a healthy lifestyle is very desirable and we all will have to learn to eat well-balanced meals and incorporate exercise in our weekly routines. As far as exercising goes, a high-intensity workout is required for optimal weight loss  or weight maintenance.
I can’t think of a better overall workout than zumba. But there are a few things you will need for zumba, cool wicking clothes, a water bottle, with water and the  best zumba shoes  possible. To get more info about one of the top zumba shoes    it’s all spelled out here: Nike Zumba Shoes.
Things You Will Need
• Soft drinks are the #1 culprit of distributing fructose.
• Next are fruit juices
• Too much fructose can also produce more uric acid.


• Drink 1 glass of water every hour

• Get 60 minutes of play each day

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