Optimizing Your WordPress Site for Local Search

Local SEO is a big buzzword for most WordPress websites. This is because a big number of Google searches are hunting for local information. Business locations or businesses near me are some of the top searches that people perform on their mobile devices. You can look for the best marketing agency in Phoenix to find the best strategy to boost your local SEO.

Since WordPress provides the biggest hosting platform for websites, we will focus this article on SEO for WordPress. There are several things you can do to ensure you get your local SEO right with the help of the top marketing agency in Phoenix.

Now we have already mentioned that WordPress provides one of the biggest platforms for web hosting and what that means is that you will be one of the many websites fighting for attention from searchers. So, this means you need to find a way of differentiating yourself from others and that is where the following local SEO strategies come in.

Localize Your Site

This should be obvious, if you are targeting local searches, then you need to be local. Ensure that your WordPress site mentions where it is located and then use some local terms as well that are likely to be associated with a local business. For example, adding Phoenix or the city you operate in the Meta description and tags can do the trick.

Use Genuine Reviews

Reviews are like recommendations, many people will trust genuine reviews and are more likely to visit a place that has great reviews than one that has none at all. It is, however, important that these are genuine reviews from people who have conducted business with you. Google will penalize you once it realizes your reviews are not genuine. This means you should encourage clients to leave reviews and you must ensure that clients’ experiences will motivate them to leave positive reviews.

Take Advantage of Google My Business

This is a low hanging fruit and yet it can go miles in boosting your local SEO ranking. If you are a popular business, there is a chance your business is already listed in Google My business and all you need to do is claim it and verify the information there. If you are not listed, then the listing is still easy and ensure you include valuable information that searchers would need when they perform a local search. For example, opening time, location, services or products provided, pictures of the business as well as directions to the business.

Mobile Optimization

Most local searches are conducted on mobile devices. It is estimated that over 80 percent of consumers are searching using mobile devices and they are more likely to visit a business that appears in the local search results. Also, you should be aware that Google gives priority to mobile-friendly sites and these account for trillions of dollars in online sales. It is, therefore, important that your WordPress site is optimized for mobile.

Get Your Speed Right

Consumers no longer have the patience we had when there was only a dialup internet connection. Nowadays slow websites will be ignored. Optimize your WordPress site to ensure it is as fast as it can be and nothing is slowing it down.

3 Reasons to Choose WordPress

Boosts Ranking

WordPress is designed to boost your SEO. You can be assured that even without tweaking certain things on your site, the speed is already good and it is mobile responsive. You also will find it easier to create an appealing site that will improve the users’ experience. Several other features combine to make the site worth visiting and this helps ranking which is probably every website owner’s concern.


Internet security is a major concern and for anyone setting up a website, this is no exception. You want to know that your site is safe from attacks and any other threats. WordPress provides regular security updates which make it hard even for the new threats to affect your site. No matter what kind of website you are setting up, WordPress provides the perfect safe platform for it. There is also the option of adding security plugins in case you are not convinced by what is already provided.

Efficient Customer Support

Many website owners will complain about poor customer support. That cannot be said about sites that are WordPress based. There are a lot of options for support starting with direct phone support, then there is online support which also includes forums where you can get help from fellow WordPress users who have experience using the platform and often give good solutions to problems you may have. Since it is used by a lot of people, the forums are quite active and almost always you can find a fix for any problem.

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