Looking for Best Web Designing Company? These Questions Can Help!

If you don’t have a strong digital presence in today’s age then you are most probably not realizing the maximum potential of your business. There are tens of thousands of people who use internet to buy various services or products. With a strong digital identity you can be able to reach this massive population of potential customers and enhance your revenue and reputation. One of the major factors that you need to enjoy a great digital reputation is to have your own website. A good deal of care and caution is needed in order to hire a website designing company. You need a design that leaves the right impact on the targeted audience. Here is the list of essential questions that will help you to purchase best web designing packages.

How Awesome their website is?

The best portfolio of any professional website designing agency is the website that it uses to sell their services and make a digital identity. We are talking about the quality of work the agency did for its own benefit. Any serious agency would love to design the excellent site for their business using the best designing skills. Visit and check the site of the web designing company and…..

Ask these questions…

  • How is the color scheme? Is it perfectly balanced to keep your eyes amused and the retina relaxed?
  • Is the placement of key elements structured well or cluttered carelessly?
  • Does the website of the designing agency offer a serious branding proposition? Do they use the logo colors and elements strategically across different places and pages of their website to reinforce their branding? Can you intuitively associate each page of the website with their brand’s visual identity?
  • Is there any specific landing page with a properly placed call to action buttons?
  • Is there just the right number of menus to assist you without complicating your experience?

Hint: If you have more no’s than yes then most probably you shouldn’t move ahead with the agency the agency that is not able to create a good website for their own branding purpose will most possibly not be able to offer you the site that can help you gain a good digital reputation and allow you to enjoy a distinct position in the digital arena!

Where is their office? (Well, do they have any?)

Another major thing to consider is the physical identity of the company that assures you of the agency’s reputation and its intention to stay in the field for long! You would certainly not like to hire web designing companies that only have a digital identity without a well-established office. Many times the single web designer tries to give an impression of a company by building a “clever website”. There are specific objectives when you want to hire  web designing agency and not an individual web designer. You might be looking for reputation, versatility, professional excellence and a sufficient infrastructure/manpower to assure timely completion of your project. So check the contact page and other related pages of their website and…..

Ask these questions…

  • Is there any specific address of the agency? No serious agency will leave this field blank.
  • Also, check if the address seems to be legitimate and professional. Does it indicate to an office or a house/flat? If the address indicates a house or flat then it is possibly a “Freelancer” and not a “Company”.
  • Check the language and read between the lines. Does the language seems unprofessional (too many exclamations or casual words) or written by an individual (Use of I, my, etc.)? Probably, you have caught the individual masking like a company!
  • Does the website gloss over the key information like the date of establishment, milestones, company story, number of employees etc.? If yes then there is a strong possibility that it is not a company but a freelancer.

So, how much experience do they hold (It’s not “just about the figures”!)?

When we talk about the experience we are not just concerned about the number of years the company has spent in the industry. The volume does have an importance, no doubt but you should prefer value over the volume. How much value is the company able to gain over all these years of experience should be your major concern?

  • Check the milestones that it has achieved. Does it look impressive? Or in the first place, do they have any specific page/tab mentioning their milestones?
  • Does the company have any rewards that add to their reputation?
  • Is there any specific accreditation from an industrial body ascertaining that the company complies with the best industry practices and standards?
  • Can you find a testimonial link, page or section? Can you see the real people (having photos and business profiles) and do the reviews sound natural?
  • Check their social profiles to see what people are saying about the company. Are there more positives then negatives? Is the company responding to the negative comments? Is it able to resolve the key issues of the negative comments efficiently?

Hint: If you are really (REALLY!) serious about making a powerful digital reputation then make sure that all the above questions should have an affirmative answer before you decide to move ahead with the company!

 Is the web designing agency really affordable (for me)?

After checking the above-mentioned aspects the next thing is to ensure that the services offered by the company should be affordable for you. Even the best company might be a wrong choice for you if you are not able to afford their services. So, before you finally decide to offer your project to the company…..

Ask these questions….

  • I have mentioned my designing objectives. How much would you charge for the same? Can you offer me an estimate?
  • Is there any present discount on the regular packages? How much?
  • I see the best price guarantee on your website. How is it that I have been offered a better (lesser) quotation by your competitor?
  • I have a great rapport with other businesses who might be interested in buying your services. But what will I get? Do you offer a discount on group packages? How much?
  • I know that the estimated prices can fluctuate. Can you suggest how much fluctuation is possible so that I can have kept an extra margin to meet the unexpected budget demands?

Do they have the required infrastructure and knowledge?

You would certainly not like your project to be offered to a company that does not have the required infrastructure and manpower to take proper care of the same. So, make sure that the company that you hire should be professionally competent and have proper infrastructure/manpower to assure you the timely delivery without compromising on the budget. At the same time the good designing company should be updated with the latest guidelines and have a deep knowledge of the different assets of web designing. So, when you finally visit the company’s office you should have a meeting with the key personnel and….

Ask these questions…

  • Would you like to offer me the best guidance on the latest SEO updates affecting the web designing?
  • What are some qualities of a business-friendly website design that perfectly aligns with my industry?
  • Do I have certain business objectives (branding, marketing etc.) behind buying professional web designing package? Can you interpret the same in technical terms and suggest how can your services help me meet my objectives?
  • Can I be able to enjoy the maximum creative freedom once you deliver me the design? For example, if I want to change the content fonts or colors, would be able to do it on my own or would I have to depend on you?


One of the key requirements for a business that wants to make a strong digital identity is to buy best web designing services. However, it goes far beyond building a beautiful site. The user experience, reputation and branding are some of the key factors that cannot be ignored. Affordability is equally, if not more, important. This guide presents the major questions that can help you to purchase ideal designing packages aligning with your budget and requirements.

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