Is It Necessary to Transform Your Blog into a Mobile App?

The rise in mobile app technology is driving more individuals towards various mobile app platforms. No longer used for a selected number of purposes instead mobile apps are now becoming a medium for businesses to extend their services or products at a greater extent.

An average user spends over 90% of his time using internet on mobile devicesand this statistic clearly shows how mobile apps are transforming the use traditional desktop websites into something that is more dynamic and optimized.

Blogging has existed for a long time and is still popular amongst people who enjoy sharing and expressing their opinions or views on the internet. Websites completely transformed the entirety of blogging platforms as users can display adverts on their blogs to earn money. Monetization and relevant optimization techniques remain ardent on websites but the advancements in mobile app technology has made it easier for users to perform blogging on solely their smartphones.

How Apps Are Making Blogging Easier

iOS being one of the two major mobile app operating systems is not popularsolely because of its fast and cost-effective development process. iOSapp users prefer to purchase apps more frequently as they are keener towards getting quality functions. A native app for your blog sounds like a great idea but you first need to understand whether it is going to provide your users any innovatory functionality that your website does not have.

However before you proceed to scrutinizeyour need for a sole native app, here are some iOS apps ideas that can help you understand the features that cover every need of blogging:


Every blogger first needs to find a relevant blogging platform. WordPress is popular amongst many bloggers as it allows users to create, edit and publish their posts and even view stats of their published posts. Users can even connect to their self-hosted blogs and manage their sites on the go. WordPress enables you to analyze user stats, traffic and insights in turn allowing you to optimize your content to a certain audience.


Used for social media management, Buffer allows users to connect multiple social media accounts and schedule posts accordingly. With several social network platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more it becomes taxing to publish posts on these platforms separately therefore, with Buffer users can create posts and schedule them for each platform. The IOS app is free but comes with a premium version where users can manage more than 8 accounts at once.

Adobe Lightroom

Content is the key to improved user engagement but people now prefer images and videos to text-based content. With Adobe Lightroom, users can edit their photos and even share them on their websites or social media platforms. This app allows users to capture photos, edit them, organize their work and store their original or edited in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Enhance the quality of your photos by changing their color, exposure, contrast and tone on the go. This app also offers in-app purchases that unlock extra features and increases the size of your cloud storage.


A socializing app meant only for enthusiastic bloggers, Bleet allows users to find new bloggers near them. Users can even schedule meet ups and collaborate with other bloggers to share their ideas and work. All you need to do is create your profile, enter your location,and search for bloggers that match your interests. It is a great platform to increase your connections and PR lists for future potential collaboration with the bloggers you find.


Blogging platforms on the internet also improve search engine rankings therefore, content with proper structure of grammar and sentences is essential. With the Grammarly app, users can create posts and upload the content on the app. Grammarly scans the content and highlights any findings of mistakes in the grammar or structure of your content. It is a powerful app as it reduces the time to spellcheck your content yourself. With good quality content, user retention rate also increases therefore, this app works for every sort of content and is easy to set up too.


The use of mobile apps is not limited to a particular field or market. Whether it is blogging or social media networking, there exist mobile apps that encompass every need of users belonging to different demographics and having distinctive interests. It is not right to think that there is no platform as powerful as social media as the tools mentioned above are the utmost choice of many famous bloggers and with the right idea for your personalized blogging app, you can take your passion for blogging to greater heights.

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