Intranet for Organizational Purposes Everything about Development

Considering the rising popularity and huge benefits of intranet for employees as well as managers, personalized social intranet network can improve in-house productivity and save money for a company using the private network form.

Contrary to a company’s website over the Internet where products and services are being sold, the intranet is focused on the internal working of an organization. In the system, data from the people within the private network is collected, stored and distributed to meet a common business objective.

As every company has its own needs and goals, its intranet should be designed and developed in a manner that it could fulfill company objectives and assist employees in doing their work in an accurate manner.

Intranet applications allow a company’s employees to communicate, share data and work on projects while staying within the network. Such apps or intranet software have features like the live conversation, employee management, data sharing, content management and various other activities related to an organization.

Intranet Development

A web development service provider takes several things into consideration while using the most accurate form of information technology to satisfy the target audience. Intranet development includes steps, such as:

Analysing requirements: First of all, a survey is conducted to know the requirements of a company going to use the intranet. It may include information on product or services the company is providing, employee numbers, company’s branches at different locations and departments it has.

Documentation: After collecting necessary information, a design of the social intranet software is made by experienced developers. Initial sitemap and diagrams are created to decide steps to be taken next.

Intranet Development: In this step, the prototype of the intranet is generated. After that, the prototype is shown to the client to ensure everything is as per the requirement. Once approved by the client, developers start working on its final development phase.

Testing: Once the development is completed, the intranet software is tested on different platforms and conditions to check its effective working. Apart from its working, its speed, reliability and multi-device compatibility is also tested in this phase.

Development of Intranet Software

When it is about developing intranet software for organizational purpose, a company needs to formulate a strategy where things like ‘use of social intranet’ and ‘people going to use it’ are considered. In addition, business objectives and its requirements are also considered by the company’s top management.

Intranet software for the organizational purpose may include various components, such as:

  • A company directory where details of employees and their employee id will be available for other employees.
  • A page for company employees where they can share files and data with other people of the organization.
  • Forum and content repository where employees can discuss their ideas with each other.
  • A staff collaboration feature where employees can talk to each other.

Buy or Build?

In today’s competitive world where every organization wants to make the most of modern technologies to stay ahead of competitors, it becomes necessary for a company to save its employees’ time and allow them to be productive at a workplace. This can be done by providing them with a private, secure network where employees can communicate with each other, and do most of their workplace duties at one place.

Every company has its own requirements and objectives. When software is bought, the firm is bound to use the features software is providing. On the other side, by building a network, a company can ask developers to install features in the social intranet software it requires.

How Can Creative Web Mall Help?

A social intranet platform is beneficial for a company only when it is user-friendly, easy-to-use and has a customization feature. Apart from that, the software must be secure and usable on any kind of device. Creative Web Mall can help you launch advanced and effective social intranet software within your budget. The company has experienced developers to meet your private network requirements.

Creative Web Mall builds intranet solutions in a customized manner to ensure that they meet your business demands. We make sure that communication and data sharing over the network as well as data stored over the server is secure from all form of threats. In addition, we use the right tools and components to ensure rapid development and deployment of the social intranet.

Creative Social Intranet Software is a business intranet portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

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