How to use SEO to Increase Viewership of a Good Dissertation

After all the struggles of researching, after the painstaking drafting of the document, and finally heavy scrutinizing through editing, you have finally managed to complete the dissertation. You could not be prouder of the accomplishment. Every student who has written a successful dissertation knows it is a milestone that needs celebration.

How to use SEO to Increase Viewership of a Good Dissertation

But wait. Do you really feel that your dissertation is a well rounded one? Take a good look at it. Probably you might find something amiss. Gone are the days when writing a dissertation just meant completing it in the traditional way and submitting it. With the advancement of technology, most of the content is now made available online. You need to understand that when you put in efforts for creating a dissertation it be made visible to the maximum viewers who wish to peruse it.

So how can you bring maximum viewability on to your dissertation? The answer is an open secret which most of the students fail to utilize; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Yes, you read that right. SEO is the way going forward for dissertations. Students need to now ensure that the right amounts of keywords and smart word planning need to be incorporated in a dissertation to make it stand out.

So, what are the ways you can help make your dissertation more online friendly? We present to you some of the handy SEO tips that when implemented, will help you scale your dissertation to a wider area of people who wish to read it online.

Do not break into a sweat hearing the word SEO. It is not some kind of a niche coding that needs to be achieved. Rather, it has its own process and methods that ensure that your content is made visible on the topmost page when the right keywords are being punched.

Understanding the importance of Speed Loading

So, you have uploaded the dissertation on a website that has mediocre speed. What is the consequence of this? People prefer to spend the minimum time of searching, and even fewer time is spent opening a website. If the website is slow, it converts into higher bounce rates. A website is a crucial instrument that holds valuable data. If the website has the slow operational capability, then you may have to pay the fine to Google.

To solve this problem, you need to check the website speed on which you intend to upload your dissertation. Do make sure that you get well versed with some of the tools that Google provides. Using such tools will help you gauge your page speed and also provide recommendations to improve your content visibility.

Keywords, Keywords and more Keywords

Yes, it is a cliché statement. Yet, it has been undermined time and again. Usage of keywords makes a lot of difference as SEO is always on the lookout for that keyword match that can fetch you the exact content you are looking for. Hence utilize common sense, do a thorough research of what keywords match your mba dissertation. Ensure that you include some primary and secondary keywords in the dissertation too. Please ensure that you do not go overboard just stuffing your content with the keyword. Keep it proportionate and see your search rate improve.

Improvising the existing dissertation

Thousands of dissertations are being posted pretty much every day. That means there is a high probability that an older dissertation posted by you may get lost even though it has a good reading content. This might be a huge loss for viewers who are looking for an exact dissertation that you have written but could not find the match because of a lack of keywords.

To solve this problem do check your old dissertation content on a quarterly or half-yearly basis and evolve the content. Make it concise and more adaptable to search engines. This will help you keep your content fresh and in circulation online.

Get in the habit of linking

There are many student bloggers who time and again keep on offering tips on how a dissertation should be written. During this process, they might end up giving you some links in their content that are highlighted through words. Clicking on that particular word will take you to sample dissertations they wish to share with you.

This concept is called internal linking. This linking concept will be extremely beneficial for your dissertation. You too could probably write a blog and link your dissertations. This will get your blog more viewership as there are many who would like to use your dissertation as a reference material.

Using Images to attract Viewership

It may sound a bit vague about using images to get viewership for dissertations. But trust me, a picture grabs a lot of eyeballs and channelized attention for the many viewers who wish to look at a dissertation. This does not mean you use clickbait images. No, rather use images that are concerned and do relate to your dissertation could play a major role in generating traffic to your site and eventually your dissertation.

Using Images to attract Viewership

Finally, no matter how much of SEO material you do use to increase the viewership of your dissertation, it all boils down to the how good is your dissertation. Ensure that you adhere to all the best possible practices to come up with a very good dissertation that encompasses all aspects necessary in making your argument stand out. Once you have acquired that you could use a bit of technology that could give your dissertation that much-needed boost for viewership. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on your dissertation and make it one of the most visible and valuable content online!

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