How to Recover from Any Google Penalty?

Being a website owner, the traffic on your website is constantly on the rise and you are also gaining more conversions.  But the very next day, you may find that your traffic has tanked, and you are not able to find your site in the search results.

The reason for this digital catastrophe is that the algorithm has been updated. It is almost witnessed as a devastating activity as your sales get a terrible hit because of this.  Such occurrences are actually more common than you can think.

Google happens to constantly upgrade its ranking algorithm to deliver more relevant results. In fact, the algorithm is updated so as to provide the users exactly what they are looking for. In fact, one year, this algorithm is updated hundreds of times.

So there is a high possibility of your website or web page getting penalized. If that is the case with you, nothing to fret! Here are some major tips and tools that will help you to recover after being hit by a Google penalty. Just read on.

Screaming Frog Web Crawler 

A comprehensive assessment of the entire site is required for penalty recovery. In order to fight a Google recovery, you should understand clearly what has given rise to it. The site is crawled by the Screaming Frog Web Crawler in order to find a locate issues such as duplicate or thin content, internal redirects, dead ends and other common issues.

If you think that your website is penalized, you must find a good spider to crawl all over your site prior to taking an action.  The large sites are too tedious to check manually. Herein Screaming Frog comes to the rescue which makes it the most preferred tool for many SEO pros.

Fetch As Google 

This one happens to be a handy feature of the Google webmaster tool that permits you to simulate how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site and then gives you the choice to submit the URL to the index. Fetch as Google consists of different Googlebot types that you can choose from including that of Desktop and Mobile: Smartphone. Once you have chosen the Googlebot, you can then “Fetch and Render” the URL that will give the details on the HTTP response of your URL, the page download speed and how Google sees your page. This is a great tool to detect basic errors and also to see the response time of the server.


This one is a popular tool suite in order to find links that are bad.  It is one of the most effective tools for analysis of inbound links and detailed backlink reports. It can tell the overall quality of the domains that are involved. It can point to particular issues with individual backlinks that can be unnatural and nasty. The Ahrefs connect record depends on the information from in excess of a trillion accumulations. To keep you updated on the most recent developments it is updated several times per hour. Any problem with your anchor text is also detected by Ahrefs.

Majestic SEO

At the time of facing Google penalties, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the profile of your own link. The link intelligence tools like Majestic SEO can assist you to analyze the link profile of your sites. Many Google penalties have to cope up with bad backlinks and Majestic assists in cleaning up the backlink profile of your site. It can also provide a detailed report on anchored text with red flags for over-optimization and other issues.  Once you get the trust ratings that are accurate you can take steps for enhancing and maintaining it.


Duplicate content can give rise to some Google penalties. Accidental duplication through negligence is strongly penalized by Google for plagiarism. If you suspect that you are dealing with a content-based penalty, Copyscape can assist in assessing whether the content happens to be already present online elsewhere. This tool is cheap and easy-to-use, although a bit of inconvenience is there since every URL has to be entered separately.

The above are some of the tools that can help your website to recover from Google penalty as suggested by the digital marketing experts who have been in the industry since many years now and know exactly what steps to be followed and tools to be used to recover from Google penalty.

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