How to Make The Best Logo Design In 2020

The graphic designing niche cannot be considered complete without including logo designing. However, when we compare the trends logo trends are more stable and tend to last longer than the general graphic design trends. Since the industry has so much competition it is getting difficult minute by minute to come up with designs that can awestruck the audience.

This is becoming a dilemma for the agencies providing professional logo design services. They need to hire the best talent and equip them with the latest tech available still, one can only hope for the inception of groundbreaking designs.

If you are thinking there is no sure-fire way to get the designs right, think again because there is… as we already mentioned logo trends don’t die out quickly it would be great to follow one or two.

Following the trends can be tricky. You don’t want to create a logo that will become irrelevant or old after some time and this is always the threat with the trends. You have to choose the new trends wisely that you can trust are not going to become irrelevant.

Even the most known designs that have stood the tests of the time were new at some point, right? Here we have some trends that we are sure will make new history and will enable designers to create the best logos in 2020.

The Classic Black And White But Animated

We all know that the classy combination of black and white can never get old. It is simple and doesn’t distract the audience. Most times designers create two versions of the same logo one is color and one black and white. Do we have to tell you who wins?

Luckily, this year is seeing a rise in plain animated black and white logos. Now, this is the trend that designers need to follow. Even if next year designers are not designing logos in black and white, the already existing ones will not go out of style. This is the beauty of this combination that it never dies.

Minimalistic Logos That Play With Shapes

Designers are familiar with the psychology of shapes and this can help them with minimalistic designs. Basic geometrical shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and lines can have a great impact on the audience if used correctly.

When the basic shapes are used they give a message of simplicity and logos don’t feel like burdening the mind. People always favor simplistic designs over complex ones.

Basic shapes in designs are going to be on top of the charts so you don’t have to worry about them becoming old school. There is no way they will fell off the wagon of most liked designs.

There is a reason that minimalistic design trend keeps coming back in style and it is one of the most preferred designs of the industry. They never create a distraction and fit all kinds of brands equally.

They are very simple and that gives designers a chance to be more creative with color code.

Retro Logos

This one is pretty unbeatable because how would you say that this is an old-style when the style is actually old. Confused? Well, we are referring to a retro style of designing logos.

Retro designing may not be a raging trend in logos but it is here as a whole in graphic designing. We will definitely see some dope retro design websites and apps in 2020.

Anything from an effect of worn-out paper to color schemes and retro patterns to a grunge effect holds great value in designing. We can vouch for the great comeback of retro designs and there is nothing more modern than this.


Is there anything cooler than using a custom font as a logo? Luckily this is an on-going trend this year. Logotypes are so satisfactory that you don’t even need an image to support it.

Businesses love the idea of having their own logotype and it gives designers a larger playing field so they just cannot deny. Something that has been created exclusively for a brand can never go out of fashion.

Letters Used Creatively

There are two types of logo one that delivers the message simply and the second that have some hidden messages. Designers have always been using multiple techniques to make the logo speak to the audience in the most effective ways. Using letters creatively in the design is one way of doing that. Designers play with the negative space between the letters and sometimes they add symbols in some parts of the letter.

This makes the logo appear distinctively innovative and it stays simple with the letters only. This can be a little tricky because there is a fine line between simple and boring. A logo should never be too boring and it always is simple.

Animated Cartoons As Logo

When we think about cartoon logos fun and cheerfulness come to mind. Cartoon logo designs are associated with optimism.

Brands that have fun tone opt for cartoon logos because there is also a stereotype attached to this type of design. It is assumed that brands with cartoon logos are not taken seriously unless they have to do something with kids.

This is a misconception because cartoons can work for every brand for example even a construction company can have a happy truck as a logo. It will give away the message if a designer has done the job right.

2020 is not only seeing a trend of cartoon designs but they are also animated. It makes them even more attractive and attention-worthy. When there is a fun element in a tone of approach by the brand, the ice between the audience and the brand is broken easily.

Wrap Up

These are a few trends that are on a rise in the year 2020. The best part about all of these trends is that even when they are no longer favored in the industry, the logo designed on them will not be disposed of.

The logos following these trends will stay relevant and young forever.


Maham Khan, a tech enthusiast has years-long experience in writing articles about various tech and app related topics. Bearing the right skills and years-long expertise, she manages to create versatile content every time that impresses the readers and leaves them in awe.

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