How to Get Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google?

Blogging is a great tool to boost brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. Well-written, quality and information-rich blog posts always perform better in search engine ranking pages. Sometimes however you need to give your blog an extra push to get it rank on the first page of Google. A solid SEO strategy coupled with focus on the algorithm changes can help you improve the visibility of your blog in a big way. with blogging, you can achieve a substantial amount of traffic easily and realize the true potential of your business in search engines.

Here are some of tips to put your blog post on the first page of Google –

1. Focus more on creating quality content

quality content

Blogs need to stop being too much obsessed with keywords and phrases and Google is now more committed to boosting search experience of its users. That’s why the focus is now shifted more on the value of content than just the placement of specific keywords into it. Keywords are still important, but blog posts need to have quality, informational and value-driven content to get the attention of search engines. So, you should always look to create content that adds some value to readers or users which is how Google will give it more weight in rankings.

2. Leverage the power and popularity of social media

quality content

Social networks are increasingly growing in volume, popularity and impact. Content posted on them can get a wider audience and a bigger market than any other digital platform. Blogs that look to do better in search engines and achieve better visibility need to put their posts on social networks. With blog posts of popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, it becomes easy to get weightage from search engines. That’s why blogs active across social networks are more likely to shine in Google rankings as well.

3. Prefer quality over quantity for links

Links continue to be a major search ranking factor. But the days are gone when having more was meant to be merrier. Gaining backlinks from sites that have low DA (domain authority) or from sources not relevant to the industry can get your blog penalized. Similarly, a lot of blogs do the mistake of buying tons of low-quality links in a short span which is also not a good link strategy. Clearly, when in comes to inbound links, Google only prefers quality and look to downgrade blogs focused on quantity only.

4. Set target on earning links through content promotion

Blog or content promotion should be the basis of earning links. This has to be the only way to boost your brand awareness and visibility on search engine. It’s important to have a robust and ethical inbound marketing strategy in place to build a source for regular stream of organic traffic. The easiest way to earn links is to promote the content in front of the right audience to quell their doubts, solve their questions and deliver value. You can also leverage social networks to solidify your link building efforts. This is how links are earned in an organic manner.

5. Optimize your blog for mobile

Google gives more weight to blogs and websites that have responsive and mobile-ready designs and layouts. That’s why you must get your blog pages, posts, menus and layout optimized for mobile. The content, be it texts, graphics, images or videos must deliver uniform experience to users whether on desktops or mobiles. You can also benefit from WordPress development services to get the blog technically ready for delivery great performance in search engine rankings and searches.

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