How To Get Initial Traffic To Your Blog

Every person to ever start out blogging faced this problem at the beginning of their career. They have a website, they have their content but the blog seems as vacant as a movie theatre after credits. This phase in the world of blogging is the hardest one to overcome, and it is the most important because the sole purpose of a blogger is to get people to see and interact with their blog.

But quite interestingly, 0 visitors can turn into one, tens, hundreds and thousands if you are willing to spend the right amount of TIME on doing so. I highlighted time because in most of the cases, bloggers think that they aren’t doing well but in reality, they just need to be PATIENT and do what they are doing, as they start getting traffic eventually

If you are a member of the category that is doing something to increase blog traffic, this post is going to help you with more tips and enhanced methods for you to start getting traffic as soon as you can.


search console & Analytics


You just finished up with your blog post and want to know the answer to these questions ASAP:

“When will my content rank?”

“Why is no one seeing my blog?”

“Is my content rank worthy?”

But before all that, you need to have the important traffic analysis tools for your blog as well. The most widely used ones are Google Analyticsand Google Search Console.

Both of these tools are equally necessary. Google Analytics tells you about the metrics of users like how and when they interact with your site whereas Search Console’s goal is to tell you the keywords for which your blog posts rank.



A lot of people tend to do this mistake while writing. It is OK to dream big and target keywords that already have a high search volume, but by doing this, you should expect little to none as traffic share for your blog post for that keyword, atleast for a few months because Google does not trust new born blogs that easy, even if they have the best content out of all other blogs that rank for a keyword.


Instead, look out for medium-difficulty content ideas for which even your new blog can rank at number 1.


Most early bloggers think about blogging as a get-quick-rich scheme. The truth is that it is a skill which has to be learnt by devoting time. Many bloggers write content and sit back waiting for that affiliate/ad revenue to kick in, and start questioning themselves or even blogging when they do not see results in under a month or two.

To know if you have made the right decision, you have to be a part of blogging for atleast 7-12 months, and that does not mean to write 10 articles and sit back. It means to write as many quality articles as you want to, but optimise and enhance them on the way. It means to promote your blog, make links and educate yourself about the topic as much as you can in the process.

Here are a few things you can do to your blog to receive the few initial visitors to your blog in order to boost your motivation to write more and better.


yoast seo

As a blogger, most of the search traffic that you expect would come from Google search results. SEO is the formula to get your blog to the top of the search rankings, preferably no.1.

But SEO is not just about backlinks. The content on your site is equally responsible for your rankings as compared to your Domain Authority and Backlinks. And for making the content both appealing for your viewers and search bots, you should focus on things such as:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Relevant blog post titles
  • Accurate meta-descriptions and snippet titles
  • Using embeds, videos, and images in your articles
  • And much more

If you are a WordPress blogger, which most of the bloggers are in the community, there is good news. You can use Yoast SEO plugin for helping you out with most of the on-page SEO tactics and even technical SEO. It is the most popular SEO plugin on WordPress and widely used by bloggers.

Other bloggers would have to manually do the on page SEO, which is tougher, but it cannot be overlooked in any case.


link building

Backlinks are one of the most important factors affecting your Search Engine rankings after user experience. Since you have created the most user-friendly content by now, you need to make that your website is powerful enough for Google to give it a chance in the top results.

Most of the bloggers look at backlinks this way:

“What’s the easiest way to get backlinks?”

“The higher the number of links, the best”

“I should just stop wasting my time and buy backlinks”

But backlinks have only one truth. The more value and time you put in for them, the better they will do for your site. This means that instead of going towards the shady link-building schemes such as comment backlinks, forums, directory submissions, paying for links and what not, try to get backlinks through guest posting, guestographics, broken-link building, resource building, etc.

The big difference between the two kinds of link building schemes is that you provide some kind of value to other sites and help them out in some sort of way through the latter, which you don’t do in the former.

After knowing how to get backlinks, you need to know from where to get them. Focus on these things while searching for prospects in the exact same order of importance:

  1. Relevance– Try to get linked to a site within the same niche as yours
  2. Domain Authority– The higher the DA of the site, the better it does for your site when you get a link
  3. Follow and No-follow- Most of the links towards your site should be follow links and should not have “rel=no-follow” tag since that does not give any SEO benefits to your blog.
  4. Anchor text- Anchor text is the Text that is displayed on the front end as a link, like “Click here for the source”. Try to obtain backlinks that have relevant anchor texts.
  5. Number of links– Don’t get more than 2-3 links from the same referring domain since the quality of links deteriorate within a single referring domain.

There you have it. Find the right methods of backlinks, the right prospects and the right backlinks to boost your Domain Authority and eventually traffic.


social media

While search engine ranking is still the most powerful way of generating traffic, there are other ways of generating traffic to your blog as well. These are social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Since you cannot index your blog drastically for search results, and you want to do at least something to gain visitors, creating social media accounts and scaling them can help you direct some of that traffic to your blog.

Blogs that are focussed on fashion, lifestyle, food, housing and technology can get use of channels like Instagram and Facebook. DIY blogs have become a raid on Pinterest. There are many examples of websites that do this because there are numerous benefits of becoming social:

  1. You get to direct lots of traffic to your blog
  2. Google gives preference to websites that have social media reach
  3. Creating content for social media is less time consuming
  4. There are more chances of your content becoming viral on social media than through your website.
  5. Loyal fan following can get you brand sponsorships and more links.

But before you go towards making your blog’s Facebook page, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always make high-quality, low-quantity social media handles
  • Think of social media as a promotion strategy that directs traffic so you don’t post anything irrelevant
  • Always pay heed to your followers’ comments

If you spend time promoting content once a day on social media, your blog will be destined to receive unique visitors every day.


collaborate with leaders

The biggest reason why people are not looking at your blog is that they do not know your blog, or you, at all. You are just a no-man in your respective industry which is why you don’t have any visitors seeing your blog.

But as I mentioned in the beginning, everyone goes through this pursuit which is why the leading bloggers of your industry went through the same “I don’t have visitors” problem. If you contact them with something of value first (like a new case study in your industry or a new discovery or anything) in return of a mention on their social media/blog, or even just a word-of-mouth, chances are, that they will let you do it.

Another way is to contact youtubers or podcast creators in your space with that same breakthrough and make yourself visible through a feature. It helps their podcast/video followers with a food for thought and gives you the visitors you need by getting a mention.

The big KEY in this whole process is researching and coming up with something useful for your industry’s followers, so that they enjoy it. For instance, if you write about recipes for Keto diet followers, you can research about an uncommon dish that is both tasty and has no amount of carbs in it.



Quora is a website that helps users find answers to questions about anything and everything. Like Wikipedia, anyone can come up with an answer to a question. The one answer that gets the most votes ranks on the top of the results.

A blogger can take advantage in this scenario by being the expert who knows how to answer questions about their industry. If you write really detailed, fulfilling answers to queries, you get to the top because of votes.

But your answers must link to your blog as well, so that people come to your blog as well and not only read your answer on Quora.

For this, you can apply a trick. Suppose someone asks a question: “How to buy the best quality football” and luckily, you blog about sports equipment. So give a compact answer to this question that also satisfies the users with a strong answer, but also makes them curious about more details.

Now all you have to do is write a very detailed long article on your site that acts as a guide for football buyers and you can link the same at the end of your Quora answer with something like:

“Click here for more details on buying the perfect football”

Quora helps you to become famous in the space in which you blog about, which gets you one step closer to your traffic.


Since you have gotten this far you already know that there are tons of things that are in your hand even after writing blog posts. Instead of just sitting and waiting for Google to rank your blog got your target keywords, you can leave Google with no option other than ranking your blog.

As I have mentioned numerous times in the article, you have to do these things patiently, steadily and honestly to taste the fruit of success.

I am sure that there are numerous other tactics for getting visitors to your blog that are missed out in this article.

Drop them down in the comments. We would love to hear them from you.

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