Google Broad Core Algorithm Update is Finally Been Felt

Google, being a search engine giant, makes hundreds of algorithm updates every year. These multiple updates are carried out in order to refresh the google systems and the impacts from these changes are often kept under the covers. After the announcement of June, 2019 algorithm update, Google finally rolled out a broad core algorithm update.

In the recent Google-related news, the most hyped one is its broad core algorithm update launched on Sept 24. At the time of writing this article, the results must have been reached in SERP’s.

Here’s an official tweet from Google @searchliaison breaking the news of Broad Core Algorithm 2019.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update is finally been felt

Though the update is teeny but is expected to open doors for a great number of bells and whistles – and it just cannot go unnoticed.

What exactly is a Broad Core Update?

Apart from small hidden updates that Google introduces several times a day, Google has issued five renowned algorithm updates. These are named as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, and Fred. Penguin, being the most famous update – to devalue spam factor including keyword stuffing within the content.

Now the point of confusion here might be what Broad Core Algorithm is.

Unlike tweaking specific factors in the algorithms as discussed above, a broad core update majorly brings about certain changes in the main search algorithm itself. It affects the factors affecting website rankings, some minor tweaks in the order, preferences and weightage to the search engine signals. It also alters the way Google figures out what is the most pertinent page for a specific search query. It may have modified the way it used to calculate certain contributing factors for indexing of websites. That just simply means that Google cannot explain its algorithm outright to SEO experts (put simply: it is impossible).

Key Impacts & Analysis to Note

Just a few days after the actual roll out of broad core updates, we can only anticipate some of the notable effects that might bring drops or gains in the website ranking. These impacts are as follows:

  • As the moniker suggests, broad core updates are wide and broad. These updates holistically view and improve Google’s algorithm and don’t target any particular factor.
  • Unexpected winners and losers in the SERP’s rankings – the update seems to affect health sector the most.
  • It is expected that this core update will generally influence search engine rankings but will not have any effect on content transfer
  • Good news! Google does not intend to penalize the pages that are ranked low, this September update; rather the factors will be collected and compared against other web content that has been there since the last update.
  • Unfortunately there is no absolute way out to deal with the wins and losses of broad core updates. Be that as it may, you still have to ensure improvements to execute any updates.

Suggestions to Beat Broad Core Updates

  • Keep an eye on users’ expectations
  • Clean design and user-friendly architecture of website
  • Content quality should not be compromised
  • Google’s rules must not be violated
  • One of the most ideal ways to fix the issues of 2019 broad core algorithm is the use of well-researched and unique content
  • Last but not the least, do not quit improvements at any stage

Final Words

Believe it or not, but this is all we know about “Google Broad Core Updates” so far without expecting any further to have known – other than the tweets and responses from SEO experts.

So what could be the cure of core updates? Honestly, we cannot analyze any remedy for now. Either a winner or a loser, a website owner needs to watch over the effects and work continuously to be marked safe from Google’s broad core algorithm updates 2019.

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