Do Freelancers Business Need A Website for Social Media Presence

With technology increasing rapidly and people getting involved in various activities, the professionals want to work according to their timings. They want flexible timings and don’t want to report to anyone but themselves. In the last 10 years, the freelancers have seen a massive growth for getting work. A huge number of people are involved in freelancing work and work according to their comfort zone. 

With more and more people becoming freelancers the demand is now getting saturated, due to which freelancers are facing a tough competition now. Everyone is trying to prove that they are better than the other. They use various social media sites to promote their work and make profiles on various freelancing websites to get work. But one thing which is one of the most important for a freelancer is to have their own website. Freelancers think that social media alone can help them in promoting their work, which is not correct. Being a freelancer one has to stand apart from the crowd and promote himself in every way possible. 

And one of the biggest reasons to promote yourself in every way is to keep getting work. There may be companies who give you work and they may not find working with you appropriate after one project or maybe you don’t like working with those companies for various reasons and you quit. What do you do now? Well, if you have a good marketing strategy and you have already promoted your work, you will not have to wait for a long time to get absorbed by some other work. 

But why do you actually need your own website? Well, here we have a few reasons which may help you understand the importance of a website for a freelancer: 

It will  be the face of your business: When you create a profile on freelancing sites or send freelancing job applications to various companies, you have to wait for the response and then you have to prove your credibility to them. This procedure requires time and unless you get a freelancing job, you stay in constant doubt of whether you were able to prove your capability or not.  Websites can set an image for you as it will include all the necessary information about you and your work. A person visiting your website will get convinced if he finds every appropriate detail there. 

Building trust: Creating trust is one of the major problems in freelancing. Without trusting you, nobody will give you important work. Websites help you in building trust when a person visits your website and looks at your work experience and the amount of skills you have, they will believe you and give you work. This is because your website will show your credibility. It helps potential companies hire you. 

Helps to build a large network: When you have a website, people from around the world can contact you. With the wide web catering to the entire globe you will be able to get work not just from your area and surroundings, but from all over! With a website, people can contact you easily and will give you work. As you have built trust with your work and skills, they can easily trust you. 

A website can increase the value of social media accounts: Your website can work as a cherry on the cake for social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc have the option to link your website with your accounts. You can give the URL of your website on these social media platforms and people can directly visit the website through them. When you promote your work on social media platforms you are also promoting your website along with it. Your website can increase the value of your social media profile. Social media platforms have millions of monthly users, therefore maintaining credibility there is essential for your freelancing work. 

It makes you a demanding professional: Your website creates your credibility and makes you look more professional. There are freelancers who are just doing it for the sake of time and taking out there basic expenses.  But only the ones who are doing it very professionally and getting a growth can grab amazing projects. You should never look like someone who looks for these projects for extra income. The other benefit of looking professional is you can demand a higher amount, as you have built a trust you are a big deal, so just prove it more by asking for a better amount as good things require a good price.  

It can be a secure way: While you never know about the sites you are dependent on for your social media promotion, they can bring updates and things can change overnight. Even on the job portals, you have to fill the details according to them. Well, on your website you are the only person liable to do everything the way you want. You can write it in your own tone, or insert pictures according to your choice and change the templates and how you want the appearance to be. It’s even interesting and an opportunity to show your creativity to your clients. 

After understanding the needs of the website, here are the major points you should include in your website to get the best results: 

Introduction and bio: Tell the world about yourself. From how long you have been working and the projects you have worked on. Your target audience should know about you and that is the first thing which helps them to take an interest in you, so make your bio creative and eye grabbing. 

Services you provide: The second most important thing is to tell your audience about the services you provide in a very clear way. Don’t tell a story about your services. Just let them know what you do and how you will be a good choice. 

Include work samples: Before you get hired for a freelancing job, you have to go through the process of showing work samples. This way you prove the client that you are an efficient person for the job. Upload your work samples on the website. A person visiting you can easily get access to it and understand your work and skills. It saves time and helps you prove that you are confident enough to show how efficient you are. 

Pricing: Pricing is important if you can make an estimate of how much you will charge for your work. A person visiting your website can get to know how much you charge for the service and if it suits them, they will get in touch with you for further discussions. 

FAQ’s and contact information: Write some frequently asked questions and give the answers. It can solve some questions beforehand and you will not have to face it. Give contact information like phone, email, social media profiles and etc. This is going to help the client contact you in every way possible. 

Freelancing is a great way to work in today’s time. According to a survey, more than 50% of the employees in the US will shift to freelancing work. This shows how competition can increase. So, sharpen your skills and get into the world of webbing to make yourself an efficient freelancer. 

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