Debunking Five Mobile Application Development Myths

There is no doubt in the fact that the mobile app development industry is growing at an exponential rate. With its increasing adoption, consumers have started considering smartphones and mobile apps as an important medium of choice for browsing, researching and purchasing things.

Being a mobile app developer one always dream of developing a killer app that smash hits Google Play and Apple store in no time. But most of them often get disheartened as they find the development path pretty tricky and misleading. You may come across tons of stumbling blocks and misconceptions which might take you away from the right path. Therefore, I have come up with the following post that will guide you in creating a functional mobile app for your business.  

Right from ordering a pizza to booking a cab, plane ticket, sending funny texts, pictures, scrolling down the news, mobile apps have become a top priority these days. Unfortunately, many companies continue to think as a single app development project instead of a long-term comprehensive mobile strategy. But first, we need to evade all the prevalent myths associated with this sector.

Five Development Myths to Consider

Myth 1- Pay-to-download apps are the deal-breaker

Let me take an example of the Wal-Mart, you only pay once to get a product you need. However, this rule of thumb doesn’t apply everywhere as it is not the only monetization option available in the world of mobile apps.

No matter how crazy this may sound but apps which are available for free bring more money than the paid ones. According to several researches, free apps were downloaded by users 287 billion times in comparison to only 3 billion paid app downloads in the year 2016. So basically, mobile app users prefer free stuff than the paid ones.

Myth 2- App maintenance is expensive and time-consuming

Well, I won’t be denying the fact that app maintenance takes more time and effort but if you wish your app to remain updated with the latest versions of iOS and Android. Other than this, make sure that your app runs smoothly and remains bug-free.

Choosing a reliable mobile app development company can work wonders here! Maintaining an app is not an easy task. As one requires testing it thoroughly, taking new screenshots and submitting the new version to the stores.

Myth 3- App development is just coding

Do you think that app development is all about coding? No! It’s way beyond coding. A professional requires a better understanding of the basics of design, UX, cross-coding functionalities, architecture and framework and much more.

Like I said before, developing an app also involves staying updated on market trends and being proficient in both iOS and Android, bridging the apps between the two. Here support between cross-platform apps becomes important while designing an app. In addition to this, I have seen many of you being deceived by the size of an app. Do not feel that! Creating a sound strategy and collaboration among the teams will definitely ensure appropriate development of an app.

Myth 4- The More Features, the Better

One of the most common errors about mobile application development is that businesses tend to create an all-in-one solution for their end users. They basically end up creating a miniature version of the enterprise website. Which also means they end up stuffing more and more features into it. Whereas the overall concept of an app is to deliver specific and focused bunch of functionality to a targeted bunch of users.

Killing two birds with one shot is not a solution. Keeping the focus on simplicity, usability and clearly defined purpose turn out to be the most important thing for success.

Myth 5- Eye candy beats the content value

There are a few developers who tend to create an app which is better in terms of aesthetics but fail to fit the inappropriate content. Well, the first impression always lasts. Enhancing aesthetic appeal is a thing that draws attention and makes a user download your app, while it’s engaging content that makes people open an app time after time, watching ads and making your bank account fatty.          

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