Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations

Businesses use content like blogs, eBooks, case studies, market research, videos, podcasts etc to attract, engage and convert website visitors. Being the most cost-effective marketing strategy it supports a business’ long-term objectives, whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, revenue or growth.

A content marketing strategy is the plan of attack. Content marketing is all about how you can use content assets to brainstorm, create, publish and promote to meet a particular objective.

The belief still remains intact that “Content is the King” since it boosts the conversion process. So the right way to plan your B2B content marketing strategy is to make sure that you are targeting the right audience for you.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Are you confused about how you can use your content for conversion? What will make your content unique that it offers you genuine conversions?

Let us now focus on a few tips on content marketing for B2B organization relevant in today’s business operation.


About 72% of marketers said that having a good content strategy was “key to their success”. Every business understands the value of content, but only a handful implement content marketing campaigns or strategies properly. According to the B2B Content Marketing Report, only 35% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, while others have an undocumented strategy. The documented strategy makes you ahead in the game. Businesses that go ahead without devising a content marketing strategy or just assume the audience wants to hear about their product or service. As a result of which, their campaigns fail to generate the interest and leads they think they deserve.


Most B2B organizations give up when they do not get desired results from blog posts, LinkedIn or downloads and this is where mixing up formats comes handy. You do not always need to stick to blog posts. Try other methods like webinars, Google Hangouts, Slideshare presentations, infographics, videos or e-books. You need a healthy mixture of content repositories and proper communication channels for content marketing.

B2B Content Marketing tactic usage


62% of B2B Business organisation say they use infographics to rank high in search intent. Brilliant infographics over the years are engaging a wide range of audience. A well-designed infographic can also be broken down into Twitter images, LinkedIn posts. You can use the content according to how would prefer to use.

Types of content


94% of B2B business house use LinkedIn to share content. LinkedIn is a potential goldmine since 80% of B2B leads generated via social media come from there. It provides you with a direct line to those B2B audiences who you want to sell and gives you the necessary tools to engage them. LinkedIn’s targeted advertising, pages, blogs and even groups offer excellent content marketing opportunities.

percentage of b2b


A buyer persona is based on market research, actual data about your existing customers and a few assumptions. Buyer personas help you to understand and relate to the people you want to market your products and services to. Focus on the behaviour and needs of your buyers – regardless of their business function. Target your content according to each buyer persona. A growth agency first works on the buyer personas before creating content. This process helps to target the right audience or prospects who can convert.


93% of organization prioritize delivering relevant content where a person is most likely to see it. Top content marketing performers frequently craft content based on the stages of the customer journey. Going outside your owned media to distribute your content organically is a great decision. Amplify your content using non-owned channels like articles in third-party publications, speaking events, influencers, etc will set you out in different directions with your content. Prioritize the communicating channels and sync with your content well and you will be all set with your content marketing.


B2B business organisations are creating more content than they ever did before. Even those who do not have a strategy and have no clue if their content marketing is working are still creating more content. Businesses that blog 20 times a month attract, about 5 times more traffic and 4 times more leads than those that blog just 4 times a month. So keep creating more useful, valuable content at a regular interval.

Wrapping Up

In order for content to convert readers and incite growth, it needs to occasionally disrupt its audience’s point of view and create its own views that drive the audience. An organisation does not work for its content; content works for the organisation. The above-mentioned tips can help you to generate traffic and leads for months, or even years. Do you feel these tips are useful for you and your organisation? Tell us!


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