Chatbots for CRM: Why does it matter for your business?

We all know ‘Siri’ and its role in our lives! Yes, the famous virtual assistant (a chatbot) has become a part and parcel for millions of folks around the world. Be it checking your bank account or ordering pizza, we deal with chatbots on daily basis in some or the other way. For the ones unaware, chatbots are fast becoming omnipresent revolutionizing critical business operations such as customer service/support in a never before way.

Irrespective of the industry a business is in, customers undoubtedly are its most vital asset. Now before the era of chatbots, interactions with customers were not only laborious and taxing, but were also a huge cost concern. Though having a CRM system in place works great when you ought to streamline and automate sales and marketing processes, a chatbot on the other hand will help drive your customer relationship management (CRM) game to a whole new level. This is the primary reason a wild number of businesses are opting to leverage the potent of AI-powered chatbots to drive customer service, sales and improve conversion rates.

Long story short, CRM is the frontrunner when it comes to reaping the benefits of chatbots. Here’s how AI-powered chatbots are transforming customer relationship management as we see it today:

  • Intelligent CRM is just around the corner

It is a painstaking task to enter data into a CRM software. Yes, the user need to log in, navigate through multiple tabs/dashboards or screens to key in and save the data into the system. This eats up a whole lot of time and efforts. Further, you also cannot forget the workflows that the users of CRM system need to navigate. Now just imagine the pains of working with a bloated CRM system with heaps of data. As a matter of fact, the efforts and time that would go into working with such a system can be well utilized to nurture a lead or prospect.

Integrating an AI-powered chatbot into the CRM software can address these concerns. Clearly, the greatest benefit of chatbot for CRM is a single/unified message window wherein one can type their message as they would do in a typical messenger app. Going further, chatbots for CRM can make their way to critical workflows on a regular basis and record the various answers to pull them out when needed in a jiffy. Chatbots for CRM would seamlessly organize all the important tasks and follow up on scheduled tasks to help sales personnel manage their crucial time smartly.

  • Eureka! Customer intelligence at fingertips

Yes, chatbots for CRM can be integrated with social media platforms, email partner, messenger and enterprise management solutions like ERP for extract critical data from diverse sources. The data extracted can be anything from buying history or preferences and user profiles to grievances. The data gathered by chatbots would provide comprehensive insights into the views of customers thus, helping you analyze and identify key trends. Did I mention customer intelligence?

  • Spike in conversion rates

Since these chatbots would take care of the tedious and mundane tasks, sales personnel can focus more on things that matter the most i.e. sales. Your sales reps can focus more on important tasks such as meeting clients and prospects thus, eventually working towards closing in more opportunities. Most important of all, the golden rule of responding to a lead within 5 minutes of the first contact can be very much achieved. Chatbots for CRM can provide 24 x 7 customer support, which would enable sales reps to revert within the first five minutes irrespective of the time eventually helping them close more leads. And, more the number of leads closed, more will be the sales.


Chatbots can respond to the concerns/queries of customers at lightning speed. On the other hand, a chatbot linked to social media channels would aid in instant customer verification whilst swiftly recalling past interactions. Eureka, your social CRM game got a lot better. Chatbots for CRM are a boon when it comes to providing instant responses to standard queries of customers or prospects. Not to forget, happy customers is the secret to success and repeat business.

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