Believing These Myths About Virtual Phone System Keeps You From Growing

To cater to diverse needs of the customers, businesses need to offer various channels or modes of communication. While flourishing of digital technology has enabled the companies to utilize newer means like live chat and social media channels, the importance of telephony has not diminished greatly. In fact, telephony service used in business setups has also been spruced up with infusion of technology. A lot of companies make use of virtual phone system or cloud based telephony these days to interact with the customers. Using Cloud based phone system has its share of advantages including flexibility, cost efficacy and organized workflow etc. However, a number of misconceptions and myths regarding the virtual phone system still prevail.

Listed below are some of the top, prevalent myths about Virtual telephony system that still exist.

Cloud telephony system suffers from lack of clarity in calls

A big misconception about cloud based telephony system businesses have is that it lacks clarity of calls compared to traditional landline phone system. This used to be the case when the VoIP system made its debut. However, in the last few years, the scenario has changed drastically. The software solutions used to make cloud based calls have improved a lot and increasing competition has resulted in the vendors offering better packages at lower rates. The cost of internet access has come down and internet access speed has shot up everywhere. So, you need not worry about clarity of call when using VOiP systems for business needs.

Cloud based telephony is ideal for the MNCs

This is another prevalent myth about virtual telephony system! The cost of using VOiP software used to be high earlier but that is no longer the case. The majority of VoIP software vendors offer wide range of packages. You may also picks from free packages if you have a startup with modest budget. Later, based on expansion rate and needs you can switch to paid VoIP Packages. Upgrading existing setup in VOiP system is easier compared to traditional phone lines. So, startups and small businesses can very well use cloud telephony without facing much hassle. In fact, they can benefit from its low running cost benefits.

You need to be a technological genius to configure VOiP setup

Nothing can be far from the truth, actually! Most of the present generation cloud telephony systems are quite easy to set up. Most of these software have wizard based setup- thereby making things easier for the users. The vendors also offer printed and online documentation to ensure setup and configuration can be performed without facing hassles. It is not much different from using typical software used in business setups –as it is. Sometimes, employees with basic networking knowledge can setup such virtual telephony systems. At any rate, the vendors will be happy to help you with setting up and troubleshooting the system.

VoiP reliance may lead to unstable network

Earlier, the unstable nature of internet connections makes most brands shy away from using VoIP as the telephony system. However, you can find low cost high speed interest service almost everywhere. Most companies nowadays keep one additional internet service as backup. So, you need not worry about phone network going down if one of such connections acts up occasionally. Most new VoIP systems are capable of switching to mobile network in events of such outage. The callers may not be able to perceive the difference in most cases.

Technology of VoIP is yet to mature

A lot of brands still think VOIP is still in nascent stage and hence it is not suitably for business adoption. However, in the last few years the cloud based telephony has matured lot. It was introduced back in the 1990s and post 2000- the technology has evolved a lot. The businesses that are not using VoIP are actually losing out to competitors and that holds true for all types of entities. The existing VOIP technology is being used by several mid to large sized companies, across the world.

It may not be wallet friendly

The brands that believe cloud based telephony is not affordable have not really done the math well! The truth is, subscribing to a suitable VoIP service can reduce phone bills incurred by your company significantly. You have to pay a monthly charge and there are no hidden charges involved in VOiP services. The cost of maintaining and installing hardware based landline phone system is not there as well when you opt for Cloud telephony. If you analyze, you will find international call charges on VoIP are lower than those made with traditional telephone system.

Managing a Clouds based telephony service is cumbersome

This misconception is harbored by those who have not actually used cloud telephony system ever! Once you opt for a VoIP service, you need to pay the service charge timely. The service provider will take care of quality issues and any future upgrades. Most settings can be changed through a web interface. You will not need to master rocket science to use VoIP setups- in other words.

Using cloud telephony means lesser control

Some companies shy away from using cloud telephony as they feel it will amount to having reduced control over phone operations. However, the truth is that you will have better control over phone operations when using cloud based telephony. Using a web UI, you can perform call routing, forwarding and conferencing easily by making a few clicks. The usage experience is far better than what you get from typical old PBXs.

 Cloud telephony setups are not as versatile as traditional phone setups

Modern VoIP systems can be configured to perform may more tasks than just making or receiving calls.  You can for example, set call forwarding and music on hold. It is ideal for meeting business usage needs.

More reasons to stop believing VoIP myths

There are many more reasons for you to stop believing the prevalent cloud telephony myths and embrace the system. Switching to the VoIP system from traditional telephony is not hassle some. It is actually less hassle some when you need to relocate your business to a new place. You can save a significant amount in running cost after using these systems. Another advantage of cloud telephony system is the service provider will upgrade your package with new features with evolution of technology. This means you will be able to avail and use new features over the years.

Tips to make VoIP adoption easier

You will benefit by using the following tips for VoIP adoption at workplace:

  • At first, you should try out the available VoIP solutions in the market. Most of these vendors let you try the products for free. After you compare and use few such VOiP services, you can pick the apt one.
  • Initially, you should opt for the starter or entry package. Once you are satisfied with the cloud telephony service, you can upgrade the plan easily.
  • You can also read the VoIP software reviews in the web. You may also check out feedbacks of buyers in social media sites. This will help you in selecting the most suitable service.

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