Basic Criteria For An Effective Website Design

Being found online – preferably on page 1 in Google – is the goal of every marketer. After having undertaken all activities in the field of SEO, or search engine optimization, it is high time to <a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>pay attention</a> to the website design company. Your support and emphasize content through powerful design. When an online visitor comes to your website, it is important that they feel at home immediately. You create a ‘warm feeling’ by presenting your content on a successful website. The design of your website is therefore very important.

Professional and stylish web design company has several advantages

Good first impression

Flatly speaking, the first impression is also the last impression that someone or you or your organization gets. You will receive an immediate assessment of the first impression: ‘boxes’ play a major role in this. For example, your website can be placed in various ‘boxes’, such as ‘professional’, ‘reliable’ or ‘professional’ or ‘amateurish’, ‘implausible’ or ‘incompetent’ etc. Of course, you also want to be close to the first three categories, so make a good first impression!

Gaining trust

When a visitor sees your website for the first time, they often know (almost) nothing about you or your organization. It is therefore up to you to give visitors a familiar image with your website because of course, you want your visitor to do something on your website (download, contact us). So trust is important!

Long-term investment

In the design of a successful design, a lot of time is spent. For some marketers, this feels like it’s not the opposite. But the opposite is true: if you invest well in a successful website company, you won’t have to worry about it in the near future. You can therefore fully focus on your core business.

Supporting content

Everyone knows the expression ‘the eye also wants something’. You hear this every now and then at the table with a dish that is not so neatly served. It can still taste delicious, but due to the less tasty presentation, you can – in advance – get a negative judgment. In short, both quality (good content) and presentation (design) must be good. The same goes for a website.

The advantages of beautiful website design are evident from the above points, but what should you consider when designing a successful website? Below are useful design tips:

View the website as a ‘visitor’

Surf around through your own website and try to do this as neutrally as possible as a ‘normal’ visitor would do ok. Answer the questions below when assessing your own website and analyze where there are areas for improvement.

  1. Is the website credible/convincing?
  2. Is the website reliable?
  3. Does it look professional?
  4. Can I find what I want/need?
  5. Do I feel welcome on the website?

Choose the right colors

Use appropriate colors that match your organization (logo, offer, etc.). Choose about two to four colors that you keep coming back. Use striking colors for things you want to emphasize, for example, a download button. But be careful: keep it all clear and calm. Do not let everything stand out, because then nothing will stand out.

Avoid moving images

On some websites, you immediately get a restless feeling due to many animations or moving images. You don’t know where to look, because everything moves. Still, some website owners think they steal the show with animated backgrounds or background music. Unfortunately, this often works counterproductive or distracting. Therefore, avoid (too much) animation and gadgets. Moving images and/or images are very suitable to support your content with, for example, a blog article. I personally like a banner on a website with statistical images that alternate. In this way, you can show various parts and keep peace of mind on the website.

Provide a beautiful and clear typography

With a beautiful design and interesting content, you are not there yet (sigh …). It is of great importance that your content is also readable, besides that it is interesting and looks beautiful. Therefore, use a clear font, a good font size and choose a font color that is easy to read (light background, dark text). You can also create more overviews by using bullets, headings, and paragraphs.

Maintain consistency

It is important to use one template for your entire website. That way it remains clear for the visitor. Ensure consistency in the use of color, navigation, and layout. It is also important that each page runs smoothly on a different page. You don’t want to create the feeling in a visitor that he or she ended up on another website while browsing your website?

Use royalty-free images

Images enhance the content on a website: it clarifies the message that you want to convey to the visitor. Don’t just place images from the internet on your website. This can cause you serious problems with copyrights. Therefore choose for royalty-free photos. Examples of websites with royalty-free photos are:

  • Istockphoto
  • xchng
  • Photo Pin

Look around, get inspiration

If you find it difficult to get started with a new web design company, just surf around on the internet and get inspired. Find out what you think is and is not suitable for the website of your organization. Make a list of the things you no doubt want to add to the new website.

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