6 Simple Steps To Make Your Windows Vista Ready To Go

Windows Vista is the latest version of Windows introduced specially for personal laptop and business places. It presents many new features which are really helpful and supportive for its users, sometimes your personal computers face some troubles regarding viruses and program disorders, as the result of these problems sometimes your Pc runs slow and working gets disturbed. In order to solve these issues you should install new windows and for that, you have to do a lot of hard work.

First, you must have to contact to a software house then take your PC to the expert person who can install your windows but now you don’t need to rush anywhere for this issue because here in this article we will show you some simple steps through which you will be able to reinstall Windows Vista by your own selves without any hassle.

Before installing the windows keep some necessary things in your mind:

There are some important steps which are recommended before installing new windows, you can also skip this step if you don’t have any important data save in your present windows. Backup your important data, passwords, and files. It’s a worthy idea to backup all important file data regularly, especially before you reinstalling Windows. If you don’t backup your data, you could lose some of your personal files.

6 Steps to reinstall Windows Vista

  1. Restart your PC and look the setup screen for options:
    First of all Open the disc drive then insert the Windows Vista CD or DVD and close the drive. Restart your computer and it will show some feature which will ask you to enter so press the ENTER button to start watching the options of Windows Vista. Use F keys to use these options on your personal computers.
  2. Vista Setup
    After restarting your computer you will see some options on your screen which shows windows vista setup, you will be asked to select your desired language which is preferably US ENGLISH. The setup will ask some more details like time and date so please enter the correct time zone.
  3. Installation Process:
    When you have entered the correct time, date and initial information, the step will ask you to press the button named INSTALL NOW. Reviews the license terms, and click I accept the license terms to continue. If you don’t accept the certificate so that computer will retrieve and it will shut down without installing windows.
  4. Chose the Drive in which you want to install the Windows:
    When you agree to the terms and conditions, the setup will show a list of available drives will appear on the screen. It is recommended to choose the C DRIVE. It is best to choose the drive with the most space. Make your selection and then click Next.
  5. Wait for the installation:
    The screen will display a progress bar telling you how much time the installation will take. While installing the windows your PC may reboot several times so you don’t need to worry.
  6. Enjoy your New Windows Vista:
    Once the installation takes place the system will restart the last time. After the restart, you will see your windows vista and now you are able to enjoy its admiring features. You can also personalize your settings according to your need.

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