6 Key Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM

  1. CRM is customer relationship management. It is a concept that focuses on giving utmost importance to customers and ensuring a long-lasting relationship with them, that would help the business to grow. Ideally, it makes use of strategy and software together to achieve the goal of acquiring customers and making them loyal. CRM software helps in easily managing all aspects of customer relationship management, right from recording details of leads to the entire process by which they are converted to customers and all interactions with them.

Real estate business involves helping customers to buy, rent or lease land and buildings. It involves a lot of interaction with clients, as most real estate transactions are high worthy in nature. Recording all these interactions and being able to review them before the next meeting would help sales personnel to perfect their sales pitch and makes the process of conversion of lead to customer easy. Let us look at 6 key benefits that you would get when you use a real estate CRM.

Benefit 1: All your leads and contacts are in one place

Maintaining details of all your leads and contacts is such a difficult task. So many addresses and numbers and you don’t know how to organize them. Having a CRM for real estate helps in putting all these leads with all their details in one place – the database in the software. It makes it easy to search and you can get information at your fingertips in no time at all. You need not go to the office to access this information, you can access it from your laptop or your mobile at any place and any time. That’s the big benefit of using CRM in real estate.

Benefit 2: You can automate tasks

There are many repetitive tasks that you do, like preparing reports, sending emails, which takes up a lot of your time. With a CRM tool in place, you need not worry about wasting time in such unproductive stuff. You can decide the settings and based on that, the software generates reports regularly and also sends emails to your clients at the time you specify, with the content you approve. This saves time and you can use that time to do actual selling and get more business for your firm. It also can send greetings to clients for their birthdays and anniversaries, helping you to maintain the personal touch.

Benefit 3: It helps you handle inquiries instantly

Any business gets a large number of inquiries over phone and email. You need to respond to all of them, but as the number of the leads increases managing them becomes difficult. CRM software helps you to send immediate responses to inquiries. Firstly, it helps you to send auto emails to clients. Based on the type of inquiry, you can even customize the response you send, so the client doesn’t think you are sending the same mail to everyone. The software does this for you and saves time. The customer thus knows that you have seen his inquiry and will get back soon. You can even configure the software to specify the date and time by which you will get back.

Benefit 4: It helps you connect to all clients, including past clients

Using a real estate CRM is extremely beneficial, as it helps you easily contact and connect with clients. It tells you when you last contacted the client and what was the result of the discussion. It also tells you what needs to be done next. It also helps you to prioritize clients, so you know which client needs to be contacted first. This is a great benefit of using the software.

You need to keep in touch with even your past clients as they may refer you new business. A study showed that 88% clients said they would refer the agent they worked with to others, but only 12% actually went ahead and referred. Don’t expect clients to give you referrals, without you putting any extra effort. So keep in touch with old clients, take feedback and maintain the relationship, which is easy thanks to CRM.

Benefit 5: Customize your services

You can customize your services and personalize them so clients feel that you are giving individual attention. Instead of sending a mass mail, if you send a mail with the client’s name and mentioning the last discussion, they would feel happy that you remember their specific requirements and are working for it. You can record client preferences and use it to personalize offerings.

Benefit 6: You can be more effective

CRM for real estate helps you to be more effective. It captures all data and easily gives you analysis like time taken to respond to emails, the average time to convert clients, client conversion rate, list of pending clients, etc. This allows you to be more focused and work more effectively. This is the biggest advantage of CRM software, it improves your efficiency and effectiveness.

CRM software, when used in real estate, can easily help you work more effectively with your clients and build a better rapport, so you can improve your business.

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