5 Ways Events Can Deliver Big Success for Small Business

Events happen to be a great way for businesses for engaging with people. In fact, it is said to be experiential marketing. 

Events offer something that no other channel of advertising can manage to bring forth – a face-to-face interaction with the customers. 

In fact research reveals that about 75% of the consumers have better opinion about a business once they have experienced one of their events.

An event that is well-executed happens to be a great source of brand exposure and customer acquisition for businesses and the best part is you don’t have to invest heftily for that. 

So if you want your event to succeed here are some of the essential tips that can help you get the desired results. Take a look. 

  • Know What Your Goals – While organising an event it is essential that you have a clear idea about what your goals are and how your business is going to benefit from them.  There can be many purposes of an event like solidifying brand presence, enhancing marketing channels, introducing a new product etc.. Once you establish the main goal the event can be geared around it. 
  • Try to Know What Will Draw Attendees to Your Event – Understand why would a client attend your event? What your event is going to offer them? Analyse what your brand stands for and what it offers that makes it stand apart. Then think how you can use a motivator for driving attendees. This can be anything from an opportunity to meet their favourite star to learning a new skill. So you should not just have a point of difference that will separate your event from others but also know what you are going to offer to draw your audience to your event. 
  • Spread The Word About Events – Once you are sure that you are organising an event, it is time to spread the word about a couple of months in advance of the event. This way people will have enough time to prepare.  Here are some ways to share the news –
  1. a) Update Website – You can post a basic info like the date and time of the event on your website in a simple and easy way to alert your audience.
  2. b) Send Mails – You can use email subscription list to remind subscribers about the upcoming event. If the email subscribers live close to the venue, send the mails. But if the email list contains people who live beyond a reasonable distance you should segment the messages to skip that. 
  3. c) Advertise Your Event – If you use any form of local advertisements like that of newspaper or radio use a small portion for the promotion of the event.
  4. d) Post Reminders on Social Media – Promote the events to followers by using the social media accounts. You should offer special deals and discounts to those sharing the posts. You can also use Twitter Hashtags for the same.
  • Focus on the Customer Experience throughout the Event– Your focus must be on the customer experience when the event day arrives. From the moment they walk through the door, you must make sure that they have a positive experience which will have them coming back for more and also sharing positive feedback. Ensure your event runs smoothly. Keep your attendees informed with good communication. Only then you will be able to provide an experience that is share-worthy. 
  • Follow Up Attendees after the Event Concludes – Attendees returning satisfied is not going to assist you much unless you followed up with them and made everything possible to maximise Return on Investment.  You should contact them over email, phone and inspire them to take actions. You would be able to meet your event KPIs with the follow up. 

Apart from the above, you should consult with the professionals of reputed event Management company, who have been in the industry for quite some time now and know exactly what goes behind to make your event a success. 

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