5 reasons why I have to be on the Internet

Perhaps it may seem strange that at this point there are still businesses that consider whether or not to be on the Internet, but while it is true that in some business models is not a priority, we have to take into account that the market trend is in demanding the companies, not already having a web page, but having an active presence in what we know as Web 2.0.

The Internet has become a fundamental communication tool for all of us, both personally and professionally.

We are going to raise 5 reasons why any entrepreneur should be on the Internet, or for which a company that already has a presence should optimize their online strategies:

  • Wide coverage

According to the National Institute of Statistics, more than 60% of Spanish households have access to broadband Internet, so we will cover a large part of the territory. Also we do not have to forget that the trend is upwards.

  • There is a high penetration in all target or target audience

This means that for almost all of the target audience that we have in our business, we will have a great access capacity.

  • It is a powerful segmentation tool.

In relation to the above, thanks to various online marketing strategies such as SEM or Social Media Marketing we will be able to discriminate with great precision our target audience, thus being able to fine-tune our marketing campaigns.

  • Interaction

The arrival of web 2.0 and social networks have made the Internet a true forum for participation, communication and exchange of information, so it is no longer enough to have a “showcase” on the Internet but the customer can interact and there is an active conversation with the company.

  • Monitoring

The control and monitoring offered by digital media means that we can control and know in real time the results of any campaign that we carry out over the Internet.

These are just some of the reasons why being on the Internet, we encourage you to send us the ones that would encourage you to have a presence on the Internet.

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