5 Must Have CRM Reports If You Want to Use CRM Well

Every Customer Relationship Management System does one thing in common which is to store data that can be used, tracked and analyzed. CRM system are not rocket science but very few people realize that. They are basically a database with some amazing features and applications included in it to make it easier for business organizations to serve their customers and close leads. The primary objective of a CRM system is to facilitate customer management and also to generate tons of reports so that the organization can make well informed decisions. It is impossible to create these reports manually because the amount of data one has to sort is massive and unless there is some sort of automation involved in the process, your employees are bound to make mistakes. Making vital business decisions based on these error-ridden CRM reports can devastate the prospect of your business organization. Which is why it has become so important to have a CRM solution that can generate different types of reports based on the data available.    

There are many CRM systems available that are way too many types of reports than what a regular business organization needs. We believe, these 5 are the most crucial CRM reports that you need to take a look if you are to make vital decision pertaining to business expansion or business operation overhaul –   

Lead Status Reports

It can be easily verified that Lead Status Report is a very useful CRM report for an organization. Whether you are running events on your social media or make changes in your search engine optimization strategy or just sending out new emails or following up on previous emails sent out, the end goal is the same. You want new leads. Lead status reports store, update and track your data and provide you with real time analysis of where you are with each of the leads you have generated. One must always remember that the CRM system is the heart of the engine where all data which is stored will be used to drive marketing campaigns, reach out to new clients or follow up with existing clients to close out deals in a quicker turnaround time.  Additionally, one will eventually understand which Lead status report is helping him to translating leads into successful deals and it will help track down each lead that transformed into business and which campaign performed the best over time. Having a weekly and a monthly report will help track data in terms of interest generated, where the most business came from, what worked and what needs work to be done upon and what should be the next scheduled task to keep up with future potential activities.

Call Log Reports

CRM reports are of many kinds and Call Log Reports is one of those that gives you the closest insight on where your team is when it comes to interacting with your customers. Marketers and sales people can monitor these calls and figure out if the calls made to the customers are reaping benefits.  You can identify with the help of a call log report where you employee is spending most of your time, whether a particular campaign is working for you or not and whether your employees are wasting time. While it is difficult to make a conclusion only on the basis of a call log report but what it does is it gives significant understanding of how efficient your employees are and helps you understand customers in the most honest way possible. Since the whole purpose of a CRM system is to make and maintain relationship with a customer it can easily be said that a call log report is one of the right drivers to understand where you are achieving those targets.

Sales Goals Reports

Sales goals reports is one of those reports that help set your organizational goals and then keep a track of the progress in terms of these goals being accomplished. No matter how good your product or how well informed your customer support team is, without steady growth in the sales number, your business is going to struggle sooner or later and therefore, there is no denying of the fact that the Sales Goals report is the most powerful report that gets generated by a CRM application.

Sales Goals report incredibly useful in determining the effectiveness of an outgoing campaign and allowing executives in your organization to track who is pursuing what goals and where they are in terms of their target. The executives can better know who is chasing what opportunities and how far have they managed to achieve those goals. Sales is the heart of any marketing campaign and these reports will track down progress and let you see how successful your organization is in achieving your sales goals.  It gives you a complete outlook on where you are in terms of your growth.

Lost Sales Reports

Focus of every organization over long term is to increase sales over time. While a lot of companies over time might grow at an incredible speed but it is often touted that the most successful ones are those that have managed to track lost sales over time and make up for it with the help of lost sales report. It is definitely not pretty to sit down with a report of your failure but listing down a detailed reason on how and why you lost a particular client or customer is equally important in making the right call in approaching future clients. Lost Sales Report contain data about the clients you did not get along with and the reason for it. It helps you stop a little, take stock of what went wrong and make future changes to tackle the issues that could have been avoided.

You must always remember that a CRM system is a database that works like history. While it may not change what has already been done, what it can do is help change what can be done when faced with a similar situation

Activity Reports

A free CRM software is one that helps you track activity of your employees on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. While most people don’t care as long as these employees are bringing in the moolah but in truth an activity report is the true marker of where they are in terms of their daily activity. Micromanagement has never been a good thing for any management to keep employees happy but an activity report ensures that the management if aware at all levels of where their employees are in terms of pending actions or activities completed or is due for completion. The choice definitely lies with how the management wants to see this report but a successful one monitors these reports to track and motivate employees to a higher level thereby helping manage their time

Pipeline Reports

As the name suggest this report helps you monitor details of all open opportunities such as open opportunities, the size of an opportunity, who is the customer, what is the expected date at which it can be closed and who is the team responsible for it? Pipeline reports monitor what actions are taken and what is expected to be done and who is the team or employee assigned with carrying out the tasks.  Pipeline reports can be sorted in many ways which included by region, date, name, team responsible for it and when it is expected to be closed out. The whole purpose of this is to ensure that no deal falls through and cash flow is generated. These reports help picture a clear idea of where they are in terms of their progress and what are the issues surrounding it. Remember, converting a lead into sales require a lot of hard work and this report thus becomes a very significant tool to see whether everything is running smooth. In a nutshell one can safely say that a pipeline report goes a long way in determining the exact cause of success and failure.


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