3 Signs That Your Business Needs a Fresh Inbound Marketing Strategy

You can have the best product in the world, but it counts for nothing if no one gets to know about it. It is even worse when people know about your product but are not buying it!

What could the problem be?

Among the factors that trigger buying behavior in people is psychology. People will buy your product because of factors such as perception, learning, and motivation. You can achieve that through a proper inbound marketing strategy.

An inbound marketing strategy, which involves optimizing your website to be found and to suit the right audience, is one way to get people to buy your product.

While you may want to make money out of your business, sometimes what you lack is the skill and the time to do so. You can step up your marketing efforts by hiring a professional agency with marketing expertise. Such a firm can help you run successful marketing campaigns and step up your search engine optimization in Phoenix.

When do you know that it is time to put aside your current campaigns and seek marketing help? Here are 3 sure signs!

  1. You don’t know who your target audience is

Can you effectively describe your target audience? If not, you need to rethink your marketing strategy.

Why is it important to know your target audience?Think about it. You cannot come up with a plan to reach your audience if you do not know who your audience is!

The first step to discover your audience is to ask yourself: Who cares about my products or services and who should care?

There are people who are actively looking for your services. Then there are those who do not even know they need them. You need to capture both of these groups of people.

You also need to identify your buyer persona. What’s the difference between your target audience and buyer persona?

For the target audience, you identify your ideal customer’s demographics and psycho graphics. These include factors such as age, gender, annual income, location, attitudes, and interests.

When it comes to buyer persona, you have to dig deeper into the specifics. For example, if your target audience is working class women between ages 25 and 30 years, knowing extra details such as how many children a woman has, where she shops, the car she owns, and so forth; can help you serve her needs better.

Some of the questions you can ask to identify buyer persona include those seeking to find out what their typical day looks like and their challenges.

When you know who you are addressing, you can make your marketing message a resounding success.

  1. You only measure your success based on traffic

I know. It is exciting to find out that people are flocking your website for some reason, but is that your end goal?

Is that traffic helping you to achieve your business goals? If are not getting leads or sales, you need to restructure your marketing plan and implement ways to turn your traffic to money.

Some of the ways to do that is to first understand your audience, create an irresistible unique selling proposition (USP), and write content that gets people excited about your products. If you are just starting, all these can be overwhelming but you can always outsource your marketing.

  1. You know nothing about the buyer’s journey

In case you didn’t know, not everyone who visits your website is armed with dollars, ready to buy your product. Many visitors are undecided leads who are exploring their options. They need more information or nurturing to get to a place where they are confident that they need to buy your product.

The stages of a potential buyer include:

  • Having symptoms of a problem

In this case, the buyer knows that they have a problem. They seek to understand it more and give it some kind of definition.

  • Looking for all possible solutions

After giving a name to their problem, the buyer now goes on a research tour to find possible solutions.

  • Deciding what they need to solve their problem

This is the final stage of a buyer’s journey, where they have already settled and they know the product they need. They will then begin comparing what’s available until they find the best product.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘has my marketing strategy catered to your customers in each of the above stages?’

Final Words

Marketing is the lifeline of your business. Create a poor strategy and you are headed for failure. Create an excellent one and success will follow.

Knowing your buyers and understanding their needs will ensure that you create a robust and custom inbound marketing strategy so that you not only improve your SEO but make impressive sales.

Moreover,you need to know how to interpret marketing analytics to determine whether you are meeting your business goals.

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